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Max Strom’s Inner Axis System incorporates breath based yoga movement and mindfulness that deals directly with sleeplessness, stress and anxiety.

about inner axis

Max Strom’s interdisciplinary system, Inner Axis, deals directly with sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety and produces a level of fitness that makes you feel better, sleep better, and therefore function at a higher level in your relationships and your life-work.

Inner Axis incorporates breath-based yoga movement and mindfulness, and every class offers several levels to accommodate your capacity. As a result of its success across the world, Inner Axis is now being adopted by corporations as a sustainable wellness program.

For all levels of experience, classes range from 1 – 1.5 hours long

Find an Inner Axis workshop or teacher training with Max Strom bookable up to a year in advance

Try your first Inner Axis class for £20 (in centre drop-in) or £10 (online)


what happens in an inner axis class?

Inner Axis classes include breath-­based yoga movement and mindfulness, and are accessible to all fitness levels. Inner Axis guides ordinary people through the experience of extraordinary transformation. All fitness levels are welcome and will feel at home. The simple and accessible techniques enable deep transformation and meaning for everyone; all ages, abilities, and walks of life.

the benefits of inner axis

  • Helps you sleep better
  • Deals directly with stress and anxiety
  • Makes you feel healthier and more fit
  • Helps you function better in all relationships
  • Focuses the mind so you work more efficiently

what the press say about inner axis

More than simply being accessible, Inner Axis is actually essential, in my opinion (and I have tried pretty much every yoga style going). It is specifically aimed at a combatting the stresses of modern life – anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, burnout – helping us to function at a higher level at work and in our relationships.

Victoria Woodhall, Get the Gloss, September 2016.

“If you fancy trying something brand new to the yoga scene, then head to triyoga to experience a mind, body and emotional transformation…Designed to be accessible to absolutely anyone who hopes to find a more peaceful and positive outlook on life, [Inner Axis] could be the first step to making a change which could see benefits like no other.”

Rachel Cruikshank, Hip and Healthy, November 2016.

inner axis FAQ

Inner Axis is a system of movement and breathwork created by Max Strom. It is designed to help people release stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, and to improve their physical and emotional well-being.

Inner Axis is not a style of yoga, Inner Axis is a holistic practice that combines breathing patterns, movement therapy, Qi Gong, select yoga postures, and visualization and relaxation techniques.

Inner Axis combines elements of breathing patterns, tai chi, and qigong. It uses slow, gentle movements and focused breathing to help people connect with their bodies and minds. The system is designed to be accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

Inner Axis has been shown to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also improve physical health by increasing flexibility, strength, and endurance. Additionally, Inner Axis can help people improve their sleep, concentration, and overall sense of well-being.

If you are looking for a way to reduce stress, improve your physical and emotional health, and connect with your body and mind, Inner Axis may be a good option for you.

Max Strom is a teacher who has written two books and given three TEDx talks. However, he struggled for many years to embrace his role as a teacher, due to feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness that stemmed from his childhood. He eventually overcame these challenges through inner work, including breathwork, meditation, and writing. He now believes that everyone has something valuable to offer, and that we can all learn to understand and love ourselves.

Some people wear baggy, loose fitting bottoms and a t-shirt. Other people wear tight stretchy leggings and tops. The only thing that matters is that you wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move and stretch in.

As you move through a class you can get warm so it’s good to wear clothes that keep you cool, but bring a jumper for relaxation, when the body rapidly cools down. Some people also bring socks for the relaxation phase.

In triyoga hot, dynamic and ashtanga classes you will get sweaty and some people like to bring a small towel to class.

We provide mats and all other equipment you may need at all our centres. We also regularly clean our mats and equipment. If you would like to purchase your own mat we sell a varied selection in our shops at each centre.

If you are a new to triyoga and have not already registered for an account, please arrive 20 minutes early for your first session to allow time for registration.

If you are a regular student and have booked classes online, we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts so you have plenty of time to sign-in and get settled. Otherwise, for busy classes, if you have booked but not shown up 5 minutes before the class, we might need to allocate your spot to our wait list. If you need to cancel your booking, please do so at least 3 hours before the class otherwise our late cancellation policy will apply.

We realise lateness is often unavoidable but to avoid disruption, we cannot allow latecomers into class 10 minutes after it has started. For hot classes, we cannot allow anybody into the room once it has started due to the importance of the warm up postures.

Yes, there is a triyoga studio etiquette guide. This is on display in all our centres and you can read the full triyoga etiquette guide here.

We understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable – but cancelling late or not attending at all often stops other students from booking places in that class. Click here to view our cancellation policy. 

The aim of our cancellation policy aim is to improve the triyoga experience for everyone and make it easier for all students to be able to attend the classes they want to.

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