triyoga etiquette

Enhance your experience and that of those around you by following these soft and subtle ways…

A tradition as ancient and beautiful as yoga comes with certain observances. Whether it’s your first or thousandth time at triyoga, we ask you to follow these soft and subtle ways, which will enhance both your experience and that of the people who come here with you.

  • In our ideal world, arrive 15 minutes early to class or for a treatment in order to prepare yourself physically as well as mentally. We know it’s not always easy but it helps.


  • We do not allow late-comers into triyoga hot classes due to the importance of the warm-up asanas as you need this time to acclimatise to the heat. For all other classes, we allow a 10-minute grace period.


  • If arriving late is unavoidable, check with the front of house and if alright, enter the studio and sit quietly by the door, waiting for the teacher to invite you in. This way, disruption is minimised.


  • Remove your shoes at reception. Calls cannot be taken in the common areas and you should not take your phone into class. triyoga is a place of calm introspection – leave the outside world behind you.


  • If you use a locker, empty it when you leave. Any items left will be given to charity within one week.


  • Tell your teacher if you have any injuries, are pregnant or have recently had an operation. They will offer you appropriate and safe modifications. Please note it is not advisable to practice during your first trimester.

  • Peak classes might be busy with mats placed closer together. Off-peak classes will be more spacious.


  • Yoga is best practised on an empty stomach so do not eat two to three hours before a class. This of course would not apply to those pregnant.


  • Do take rest. Savasana is integral to your practice as the prana, or energy, that you have created needs time to settle into your body. Also it’s very pleasant! This is why we ask you to carve out time for the entirety of your class.


  • Consider triyoga as your home and sanctuary. As such we graciously ask for your help keeping the studios clean and tidy. After class clean your mat with the spray provided. Roll it up neatly and put away along with any straps or blocks you have used. For triyoga hot students, please place your mats in the bins as they are professionally cleaned after each use.


  • It’s nice to be sociable with other yogis as you wait for class outside the studios but keep chat quiet and to a minimum. Be aware and respectful of those seeking stillness.

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