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To mark the launch of Shoreditch we wanted to do something fun with a local brand, having worked with Emily on her first collection with Harvey & Mills and knowing she was based in the area and had similar brand values to our own we approached her to see what we could do. Knowing the strength of her first collection we went to work on two of her previously bestselling prints and updated them with our triyoga signature colours to create two prints that we were both really excited about! Here’s what Emily, founder of Harvey & Mills has to say…

Why did you set up Harvey & Mills?

It all started one morning when I spent hours browsing active wear online, and just couldn’t find leggings to suit my taste. I love intricate bohemian prints, soothing and uplifting colours, and flattering silhouettes. As an eczema sufferer, finding a silky breathable fabric was also really important to me, and the yogi in me was concerned with responsible manufacturing. The next day I quit my city job and began the Harvey & Mills adventure.

What inspires you?

Colour and pattern are my chief inspiration. I might notice a flash of plum lipstick on a lady cycling past me and become obsessed with finding the exact same shade for a print, or fall in love with the rich reds of my dad’s Persian rug. Travelling to Tibet years ago still provides endless inspiration; from the women’s detailed woven scarves to the deep turquoise lakes, the colours are the most vibrant I’ve ever seen.

We’ve just collaborated on two exclusive prints to celebrate triyoga’s launch in Shoreditch, what excited you about this project?

Everything! I already felt connected with the triyoga ethos of openness and inclusion, and your studios have long been a sanctuary for me, so collaborating is a real privilege. Rich berry colours from the triyoga colour palette have inspired the prints, and more than anything, I just can’t wait to wear them!

As a yoga studio we care where our brands come from, can you fill us in on your design and production process?

Our prints are hand drawn by a magical textile designer named Stephanie Breeze, who brings our mood boards to life in her beautiful studio in the Worcestershire countryside. She always surprises us with little details, like drawing a tiny beetle on a petal for our new floral print.

The fabric is sourced from Italy and was chosen because it is fully recyclable, durable enough even for mountaineering, and highly breathable.

We assemble the garments between Latvia and London, so we know that everyone is treated fairly from the mill to the market.

And finally, what’s your favourite yoga pose and favourite place to practice?

Pigeon Pose is so powerful, I love the tension release from head to toe, but my favourite has to be Child’s Pose. It reminds me that it’s OK to rest and be still.

I’m really into hot yoga at the moment, and triyoga Soho is so light and airy that the heat is somehow more bearable! For a more gentle evening practice, nothing beats my bedroom. I light a few candles and my puppy Harvey curls up next to the mat. I sleep so much better afterwards.

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