karmic healing: access your soul’s history

Ahead of her upcoming karmic healing workshop, Dawn Brown shares her insights on the Akashic records (a history of every soul since the dawn of creation) and the law of karma (the law of cause and effect). Taking place in Chelsea on 23 June 2019, this workshop is for anyone wanting to overcome blocks in their life and connect to their divine purpose.  

“Our true nature is as light, a ray that does not end which lives on and on until it becomes one in essence with the source of light.” – Edgar Cayce

We are celestial beings, star travelers – emerging from oneness where there is no time or space to repeatedly incarnate and experience separateness and physicality in the planetary sojourns to Earth – the planet of karmic accretion.

During each incarnation soul intuition focuses us on unfinished business and issues from other lifetimes; our Karma, often identified by strong emotional energy from the wounded parts of the soul.

Past life journeying uses metaphysical methods to achieve an altered state of awakened consciousness to access the ‘cause’ of the ‘effect’ we are experiencing in this lifetime. The journey excavates long forgotten memories and their images, healing the wounded energy systems experienced as phobias, addictive patterns and unexplained fears that we carry with us. These experiences are often times overwhelming, out of our control and at the root of persistent problems that don’t respond to conventional therapy.

In the gentle meditation we access the Akashic records, a record that exists of every being’s life for all time. Too difficult for us to understand but suffice to note that our stories are there to read and learn from. These are gentle reflections from the Angelic observers of the chapters of our lives, lovingly transcribed. Kept for eternity for when you need insight.

Remember there are many stories that your soul essence has experienced in different incarnations. None of these stories have to be perfect or the words in the book, uniform and neat. In each incarnation we are here to fill the pages of our Book of Life with creative expression and we have to love our chapters. When we have past life recall, we are accessing that great library overseen by the magnificent librarian: Archangel Metatron. We are in safe hands. Metatron only gives us access to Books that have been written of past lives when we are ready to read the stories: When we are on the brink of transformation.

In honour of the human soul and spirit journey beyond, the law of karma does not intend retribution but asks us compassionately to understand if the effect we created and are experiencing through past life events is in line with our spiritual evolution into the spirit of grace. A state that once achieved finally removes us from the cycle of fear and karma.

In the workshop, I talk about reincarnation and the role of past live regression in excavating long forgotten memories. Discovery of these traumas through regression by seeing images in meditation or journeying is often enough to dissolve the karmic cord and the accompanying symptoms. Details of the karmic healing workshop at triyoga Chelsea on 23rd June 2019 are included if you would like to experience journeying. You are held in a beautiful angelic energetic space during the session.

Dawn Brown is an international spiritual coach, intuitive, healer, speaker and author working with the quantum energies of the angels. She is a teacher of the Ancient Mysteries and her mission is to connect people to the highest vibrational frequencies available for transformation and alignment to the life that was ‘divinely imagined’ before they incarnated on Earth. Dawn lives in London and is a long time triyoga therapist, workshop and course leader. 

Click here to learn more and to reserve you place at Dawn’s upcoming workshop ‘karmic healing and past life journeying’. Workshop attendees will receive a 10% discount* on one-to-one treatments with Dawn booked in August 2019. *Offer is valid for Chelsea and Soho triyoga centres and excludes first time sessions.

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