August message from Jonathan

From our founder, Jonathan:

“In the interests of transparency I have to own that it took me a few weeks to go back to in centre classes since we reopened in May, but now I’m back. In fact I have been back every week for the last three weeks – and I know I’m biased but there’s nothing like practising at triyoga.

And as we mentioned in an email a couple of weeks ago we have changed a couple of things so we can use blocks and bricks and straps and the teachers can now walk around the class (subject to wearing their mask).

There’s something about rolling my mat out and now legally going to get some props to help my knees or back or shoulders or the teacher checking in with me and helping me and seeing friends in class together again. It’s pretty wow.

Things have changed ( English understatement) and we have all done our best to adapt. Students have said that taking online classes for many have been a life saver or at least a lifeline and long may that continue. It’s a brilliant alternative for some very good reasons. At the same time, there’s something about coming back into the studios, the people – your fellow students and teachers, the scent at the door, the candles , the sense of community, the flowers, those floors, the ropes on the walls, the heat in the hot studios and those ceiling lights in Camden, Shoreditch and Ealing.

There’s nothing like coming to your triyoga home to practice and we will welcome you with open arms.

So we are now on a monthly newsletter to stop driving you mad and we will be trialling launching fortnightly centre specific emails which we hope will be of more interest to you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.”