skin + tonic organic facials

I have never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.’ (author unknown)

As the nights draw in and seeing the light of the sun becomes a rare luxury, it is our responsibility to shine from within. But how?

Well there might be many ways and one of the easiest option is to get pampered and looked after, especially when our skin is crying for some help after being lovingly smacked by the wind and beaten by the cutest little raindrops.

Skin & Tonic is a truly British and organic skincare brand, based on the principles of sustainability as well as the art of aromatherapy. Sarah and Josh’s vision is to develop products that are not only nutrient rich to maintain cellular growth, but also to transport its user into a state of bliss with heavenly scents.

As city dwellers our skin is bombarded externally with pollution and changes in weather and internally with stress hormones such as cortisol. Depending on an individuals constitution our largest organ reacts in various ways to reflect these challenges. The good news is Skin & Tonic offer authentic solutions to restore balance for all skin types.

Calm clean (facial cleanser)
– Removes dirt and impurities
– Nourishes dry and sensitive skin
– Combines blue chamomile, jasmine & more to quieten a busy mind

Gentle scrub (facial scrub)
– Rids off dead skin cells
– Reveals cleansed and soft looking face
– Combines oat, rosehip and French clay to purify skin & soul

Rose mist (facial toner)
– Tones the skin in preparation for using a balm
– Exerts soothing, cooling and hydrating effects
– Combines rose water, aloe and glycerine to refresh the spirit

Calm balm (facial balm)
– Hydrates your skin in preparation for the day
– Balances mood and emotion
– Combines lavender, chamomile and calendula to round up the facial experience

Imagine the beauty and power of these products on your skin. Or even better, imagine lying down, with eyes closed, listening to relaxing sounds, being on a 1 hour holiday and breathing deeply while an experienced facialist cleanses, gently scrubs and rejuvenates your skin with skilful massage techniques. Techniques include the facial lift massage and the stimulation of reflexology points enhanced by the intermittent use of warm towels to open up the pores while releasing all impurities and tension.

Leaving you shine from the inside out and with a long lasting smile on your face.

7 things you should know about Skin & Tonic
– Products are made from organically certified ingredients
– They only use a maximum of 7 ingredients
– They do not test on animals (we like them way too much)
– Each product is crafted in small batches by people (not machines)
– They support small, local producers in the UK & France
– They support Fair Trade women’s co-operatives in Ghana & Sri Lanka
– 10% of profits will go to

Find out more and browse all their products by visiting

Vanessa offers Skin & Tonic facials and other therapies at triyoga Camden. For her schedule and more information, please click here. Skin & Tonic products are available to purchase at triyoga.

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