shamanic soul retrieval

“Retrieve a piece of your past and feel more complete in the present”

Shamanic soul retrieval is an ancient technique. However, it parallels the psychotherapeutic practice of integrating lost ‘parts’ of yourself which may have become ‘split off’ through trauma, illness or loss.

Like psychotherapists, shamanic practitioners view these lost pieces of self as being trapped in a developmental stage or at the site of a traumatic event. Whereas a psychotherapist may engage you in talking about or even re-experiencing and mentally reframing this lost part or event, shamanic practitioners use a very different set of tools to help you to heal.

Rather than remaining in present time, shamanic practitioners will enter an altered state of consciousness and, with the help of spirit guides, journey to the site of the event or traumatic time and find the part or soul fragment. The practitioner will usually be able to visualise this part and make contact with it. They’ll invite the soul part to return, and, if it’s willing, reunite you with your soul part. They’ll also recommend steps you can take to establish a relationship with this part.

In addition to the soul part itself, information very specific to you is normally retrieved – such as lost family members’ names or the colour of clothing you see yourself wearing when you think about something. This is often used to reconfirm that the practitioner has indeed contacted a lost part of you.

So what can you expect from taking part in this healing practice? After undergoing a shamanic journey you can expect to feel more ‘complete’ in yourself and more at peace with yourself and your past. You can expect to have more energy and presence with which to meet the world.

Dana Mayer is a shamanic energy healer and tarot reader who brings together her knowledge of energy healing, shamanic methods, tarot and psychology to deliver a treatment unique to each client.

Dana practices from our Camden centre on Thursdays and will be offering £25 taster sessions during treatments week on Thursday 28 February.

To view Dana’s full schedule and pricing, click here.

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