quiz: would you benefit from working with a life coach?

Would you benefit from working with a life coach? Take this quiz to find out. Keep a record of your score as you go, add up your answers and read the recommendation below.

1. Have you struggled in the past to stick to your goals, resolutions or new habits?


2. Is your thinking aligned with a positive sense of being able to achieve your goals for this year?


3. Are you ready to make a genuine effort and give the time to necessary to achieve your goals?


4. Are you willing to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and try things you haven’t tried before to achieve your goals?


5. Do you know what makes you really happy?


6. Do you spend enough time doing what makes you really happy?


7. Do you have clear goals in mind that you want to achieve?


8. Does your life have a healthy balance of work, play?


9. While making plans to achieve your goals do you think about what could stand in your way and make a plan in advance to overcome potential obstacles?


10. If you experience setbacks in the form of the usual ways you get stuck are you ready to push through and work towards a resolution?


11. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and unsure of what action to take next to move towards a greater sense of happiness/ peace/ contentment/ success?


12. Can you appreciate and understand that goals you wish to realise do not always happen overnight but instead often require that a series of steps and actions need to be taken towards your heart’s desire?


13. Are you ready to cultivate daily habits and rituals that move you towards your goals?


Your score…

13 and below
You seem to have a handle on making the changes you wish to see and it appears that Life Coaching would not benefit you at this time.

14 – 20
Life Coaching could help you to look at your life from a different viewpoint as well as help you develop a plan to implement the changes you would like to make and by supporting you to stay on track.

20 – 26
Congratulations, you are ready to work with a Life Coach to set you off on the right track. You are willing to do the work it takes to create the life you deserve and desire.

How to get started?

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