Ashley Jones on life-coaching and achieving goals

I decided to become a life coach ten years ago after overcoming my own challenges with achieving my goals.

For a whole year, I was struggling to complete a piece of coursework. No matter how hard I tried to push myself into doing it, the computer said NO! Exhausted by my self-sabotaging techniques and the deadline for submission looming over me like an ever-darkening cloud, I sought help.

What I thought was a Mount Everest of a task became, with the help of my coach, a series of smaller steps that I was able to achieve week by week, until I accomplished my goals.

My coach supported me every step of the way. We identified my goals and created clear steps to achieve them. Together we examined what perceived obstacles were preventing me from achieving those goals and was given the tools to deal with them before they surfaced. During this time, I realised the inner workings of my mind and overcame what had been holding me back. In six weeks, I achieved what I had struggled to get done in months and months of mental torture and guilt.

Coaching is effective because unlike traditional psychotherapy (which of course is valuable and I also benefited from at the time) it doesn’t just bring an awareness of the issues that may be stopping you from making changes you wish to make, but rather focuses on taking very practical steps to move forward.

Awareness of one’s self-defeating techniques is valuable, but in my experience, real change occurs when we take action.

Imagine you desired to climb Mount Everest. The chances are, if you set off tomorrow, you might not be very successful. What is needed is preparation. You are more likely to achieve your goals with a solid plan. Figure out what training you need, what equipment, how you are going to get there, and you are much more likely to succeed.

What I value most about working with clients is helping them identify their own Everest, then helping them to ensure success step by step; for this is how we change and grow. I am here to support growth and I thrive on seeing my clients realise that with the right training, action, mindset and lightness of heart, anything is possible.

Ashley Jones is a compassionate and intuitive coach and therapist who thrives on creating the space for growth and expansion, encouraging her clients to tap into their full potential. She believes there is a way through every perceived obstacle or block and that if we have the mindset that we can create positive change in our lives, we can.

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