welcome spring with an acupuncture seasonal tune up

Trees are budding, the clocks have changed, spring is well on its way. As nature shakes off its winter slumber, our bodies are undergoing subtle seasonal shifts too. Nas Kebbi, the most recent acupuncturist to join triyoga Soho, shares how an acupuncture seasonal tune up can support, balance and revive your mind and body this spring.

Improving general health and well-being through acupuncture treatments can assist the body as we move through the seasonal changes. It can help restore imbalances caused through cyclical changes of the seasons by stimulating and strengthening the body’s immune system.

Acupuncture enhances the body’s natural healing abilities, whether preventative or curative. Seasonal acupuncture treatments can also assist by expelling pathogenic factors from the body during illness, while speeding up recovery. It can also help to retune the body’s defence system especially during extreme climatic changes that can directly affect the body. Acupuncture can increase energy levels, enhance overall mood and balance throughout the year.

Why now is the perfect time for a seasonal tune up

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, therefore the climatic changes during the seasons throughout the year can add additional stress and demands on our body which can make us more susceptible to mental, physical, and emotional disorders.

Classical Chinese medicine uses acupuncture and moxibustion to assist a smooth transitional shift through these seasonal changes. When the body feels stuck and struggles to adapt, it can cause depletion and exhaustion and play havoc on the body.

Spring is a time for rejuvenation, growth, activity, learning new skills, expanding our horizon, and to make the most out of life. Seasonal tune ups during this time of year can revive our body and mind, helping us to be more physically and mentally flexible. It improves the ability to deal with stress, increase our energy levels and help the body to function more effectively.

Seen through the lens of Chinese medicine philosophy, the seasonal quality of spring correlates to the climate wind in heaven (an initiation of movement in the universe). On earth its element and manifestation is wood, which in the human body correlates to the organ of the liver. Some of the functions of the liver include:

– Assists free flow of Qi (vital energy) to all organs and the body as a whole, ensuring good circulation.
– Movement, courage and decision making, imagination, planning ideas and foresight.
– Assists with defence/immune system.
– Stores and releases blood to nourish body and mind, allowing free movement by releasing it to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and fascia.
– Masters the muscles, connects between the flesh and the bones, articulation and precision of movement, strength, bending, straightening and flexibility, smooth movement depending on the quality and supply of Qi and blood.
– The liver flourishes in the nails.
– Liver Qi exits/opens into the eyes, ability to see ahead, conceive plans, imagination and direction.

Clinical signs of imbalance of the liver

– Inability to make plans, anger, frustration, resentment, lack of action.
– Vivid dreams, restless sleep, lack of imagination, no sense of direction, exhaustion and stagnation.
– Cramps and spasms, problems with joints and articulation, muscle spasms.
– Menstrual cycle issues: amenorrhea, scant infrequent periods, painful periods, pain and oedema in breasts, and abdomen.
– Emotional issues such as, outbursts of anger, anxiety and insomnia.
– Blood circulations such as pain and stagnation, red face and eyes, nose bleeds.
– Digestion: bitter taste, belching, nausea, bloating, and reflux.
– Lack of blood, muscles undernourished, trembling limbs such as hands and feet, paralysis, stiff joints, spasms and cramps.
– Nails: thin, soft, pale, ridged, and brittle nails.
– Eyes: dry eyes, floaters, blurred vision and vertigo.
– Itchy skin, hay fever, SAD, cold and flu, asthma and headaches/migraines.

How does a seasonal tune up work?

A seasonal tune up works in much the same way as a MOT service on a car or the irrigation of a plumbing system of slow blocked pipes. Thus, a person can benefit from an acupuncture tune up which helps release any blockages in the body and mind. It works on the body’s vital energy, helping the body to function at optimum level.

Treatments are tailored to each individual, this includes taking details of medical history, body diagnosis through palpation, looking at the tongue, and reading the pulses. Gathering this information helps to form a clearer picture and to treat any underlying issues and any presenting complaints. By inserting fine needles superficially to points on the body, it assists in stimulating the healing process and clearing stagnation that impedes the natural flow of energy helping bring balance to the patient.

Nas Kebbi qualified as a classical acupuncturist at the renowned International College of Oriental Medicine, considered the oldest acupuncture college in the UK and Europe. He brings in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience to his clients.

Click here to book an acupuncture appointment with Nas at triyoga soho.

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