3 treatments to realign the body

body integration + intuitive guidance

This hands on treatment is for anyone looking to rediscover balance throughout their body. Whether you have a physical concern or are just feeling out of sorts, this session has the power to turn things around. Underlying physical, mental and emotional patterns will be explored and by identifying the source of tension and energy blocks, a therapist will work together with you to facilitate the necessary release in all the tissues involved. This structural yet intuitive approach reconnects you to a sense of ease in the body, and will have one leave with a new understanding of how to sustain greater ongoing health – at every level.

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bowen therapy

Bowen therapy is a non-invasive therapy that involves manipulating fascia, muscles, ligaments and nerves. It helps release tension and stress in the body and mind. The body returns to a ‘blueprint’ that it recognises as healthier and thus changes tend to be fast and lasting. Bowen therapy reduces nerve ‘tone’ which has the effect of reducing pain. It helps bring balance to the different systems in the body as it stimulates the healing response in a graceful and often profoundly relaxing manner. Bowen therapy can assist in treating back/neck pain and spinal issues, sports-related injury and postural issues and rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal conditions, as well as digestive problems, respiratory problems, headaches and auto-immune conditions.

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Rolfing is a hands-on manipulation and movement re-education system which focuses mainly on the body’s connective tissue network. Rolfing was developed by American biochemist Dr Ida P Rolf in the 1950s. Over 10 carefully structured sessions, Rolfing unwinds layers of tissue strain, which may have built up over years due to injury, habitual movement patterns or emotional holding. It improves posture, balance of movement as well as brings greater self-awareness, and a more positive self-image. With an 86% satisfaction score, Rolfing is one of the most effective methods for achieving long lasting change.

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