Dig into the Yoga Sutras and Yoga Philosophy

Unpacking the Yoga Sutras is challenging in daily classes. But, learning more about the roots of yoga and yoga philosophy provides incredible dimension to your practice. As a student of triyoga, we’re here to support your practice in every way we can. Jason Crandell, who’ll be teaching Module 2 on his 300-hr Advance Yoga Teacher Training at triyoga this August, has created 3 podcasts with his wife Andrea Ferretti, former Executive Editor at Yoga Journal. These will give you great insight into the Yoga Sutras and help support your practice. 

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The Sutras, Part I: Unpacking Purusha and Prakriti

For this episode, Jason shares the foundational concepts of purusha and prakriti and the samkya philosophy that informs Patanjali’s worldview.

The Sutras, Part II: Defining citta, vrittis, and the gunas

We continue to talk through foundational concepts that Patanjali presents in The Yoga Sutra — citta, vrittis, and the gunas. Jason defines terms and paints a picture of how they all fit together. And we also talk about how much we personally believe that Patanjali applies to our own lives.

The Sutras, Part III – Three Approaches to the Eight Limbs of Yoga

ason shares three models for applying the eight-limb path to life — The Step-by-Step Model, The Integrated Model, and The Single Limb Model.

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