the power of your name: how your name can unfold your destiny

What’s in a name? For popular astrologer Gahl Sasson, the answer is everything – your strengths, your weaknesses, your destiny. Ahead of his return to triyoga, Gahl shares the meaning of his own name and the mystical journey it has revealed (so far). His upcoming workshop on the power of your name is part of our 2019 summer special offerings. Book with a friend and receive 20% off. Details shared below. 

Your name is more than just a word, it’s a story. An epic so profound, it takes a whole lifetime to tell. A narrative that begun, like all good stories, once upon a time, with your parents making love, and ends with your last breath.

Your name is a noun that best of all other words captures your essence, it is the DNA of your personality: who you are as well as your strengths, weaknesses, and destiny. Namely, you are your name.

Your name is arguably the one single word that you hear, write, and speak the most amounts of times in your life. That single word that contains your identity, your given name, is viewed by many different mystical traditions as the core of the story you chose to tell in this lifetime.


Your name is a mantra, a mental vibration, a spell, a spiritual formula that can help you make the right decision in crucial moments of your life.

I always knew my name, Gahl, means “a wave” in Hebrew, but I never gave it much though until my family moved from Israel to Canada. My English was not very good and on my first day in school, whenever I introduced myself and said my name, kids laughed and asked me: “Really? Are you a gal?” and I, unaware that “gal” is a Cockney slang for a girl, replied “yes.” Of course my answer created another wave of cracks and jokes. Since I failed to see the humor in the situation, I found myself withdrawing inward, to an imaginary world. The social isolation instigated by my name was a blessing in disguise. An imaginary world, saturated with magic, enchantment, and mysticism opened wide before me.

It was in Vancouver, Canada, that I started writing about different dimensions, listening and composing music, and appreciating the powers of silence. My name, as always, brought me to where I needed to be, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Many years later, after completing my studies in psychology, two of my friends asked me if I want to join them on a surfing trip to Mexico. They were avid surfers and I did not touch a surfboard in my life. Yet a voice in my head said “your name means a wave, follow your name!” And I did.

I found myself in Mexico learning to surf and through a series of improbable synchronicities which I will share during my workshop, I discovered yoga which lead me to Astrology and Kabbalah. My five days in Guadalajara, Mexico turned into two years that shaped my career and made me who I am. Later I discovered that in Guadalajara, Spain, the Zohar, the most influential book in Kabbalah, was written.

Follow your name, it will lead you to where you need to be.

Join me in Camden where we will talk about names and the power of your name as well as try to figure what your name wants you to know.

Click here to learn more about Gahl’s upcoming workshop ‘the power of your name: how your name can unfold your destiny’ at triyoga Camden on Friday, 19 July 2019. Receive 20% off the full price when you book for you and a friend by phone or in centre.


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