Gahl Sasson: transform your destiny through astrology

In January 2019, we’re once again welcoming special guest teacher Gahl Sasson to triyoga to teach his weekend of astrology workshops at Camden. Gahl has been visiting triyoga for over a decade to share his wisdom and expertise on astrology – and his workshops have become a popular and highly-anticipated fixture on our schedule. Over the weekend, he’ll be providing an in-depth exploration of the year ahead as well as delving into your astrological DNA. To give you a flavour of what to expect, below is an extract from his latest book “the astrology of 2019: birthing your inner child”. 

As an added bonus, everyone who attends the weekend will receive an email after the workshop with Gahl’s explanation of the lessons for each star sign in 2019. 

Welcome to your cosmic yearly guide for the wisdom of the stars. 2019 is the year you give birth to your inner child. Conception took place in 2017; gestation during 2018; and in the year 2019, you will give light to your true self. You will be asked to be nurturing and practice compassion towards your new self and, just as a mother must love her newborn unconditionally, so must you raise yourself with loving-kindness.

Since in 2019 you are reborn, you will need to give yourself a spiritual name. You don’t need a guru or a sage to do that for you. You don’t even have to tell anyone your self-given name. Your spiritual name should be private and used whenever you need help from your guides or the universe. Make sure your spiritual name has a meaning and that the story of the name reflects your life mission.

2019 is an interesting year. Many planets return home to their signs and therefore they will be able to shine without obstruction. It is like planting native plants in their place of origin. We already have Neptune in Pisces since 2012, Saturn in Capricorn since December 2017, and from November 2018, Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is actually very good. The transit of Jupiter, the planet of fortune and benevolence, in Sagittarius is especially auspicious. This aspect brings luck, synchronicities, flow, expansion, as well as opportunities in travel and education.

In 2019 you will experience a great deal of oppositions. On one side, 2019 asks us to focus on family, parenting, and building a nest. On the other side, it bids us to pay extra attention to our career and professional life. 2019 also pits luck, opportunities, and fortune against delays, challenges, and discipline. Is 2019 a lucky year that jinxed? A good or bad year? You should get used to feeling great and terrible at the same time. We can call 2019 a manic-depressive year and we will have to learn how to find balance and integrate oppositions.

Remember, you are magic and astrology is your wand. Magic is defined as a transformative intention bound by space and time. Your soul is a transformative intention. In many mystical traditions, your soul is viewed as a thought of the creator. The binding of space and time that allows your soul’s transformation and, therefore, the magic, is your time and place of birth. This book can help you use the magic wand of astrology to navigate the year.

I wish you, your loved ones, friends, and pets a happy and healthy year full of abundance, creativity, love, and adventures. It is a wonderful thing to be a human and we are fortunate to have reincarnated during this era at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the age of awareness.

Click here to sign up for Gahl Sasson’s weekend of workshops, “transform your destiny through astrology”, 25 – 27 January 2019. 


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