kundalini yoga teacher training

Starting in February 2019, international Kundalini yoga teachers Gurmukh and Gurushabd Khalsa will lead their acclaimed Aquarian 220-hour teacher training programme at triyoga in London. This Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Level 1 certification programme will enable you to gain a deep understanding of Kundalini yoga and guide you on the path to becoming a teacher.

“I did not think, in my most fertile imagination that this course would be so transformative. It is the most poignant and powerful experience I have had, so far, in this life. Gurmukh and Gurushabd are utterly sublime teachers. Their knowledge, wisdom and kindness is unparalleled.” – previous graduate.

The programme is based on the science of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Punjab-born Sikh who first brought Kundalini yoga to the US, and includes modules on philosophy, anatomy, mantras and mudras. You don’t have to be a Kundalini yoga student to enrol – this course is open to students of Kundalini and other schools of yoga as well as teachers of all yoga systems and anyone seeking to deepen their yogic experience.

“I was concerned that I hadn’t attended previous yoga classes and other participants would be teachers. The moment I walked into the class and met my fellow students, all my fears disappeared.” – previous graduate

Gurmukh is one of only a few teachers to have studied directly with Yogi Bhajan over several decades, having first met him in 1970. Yogi Bhajan gave her her Sikh spiritual name meaning “one who helps people across the world ocean”. Since then, she has dedicated her life to fulfilling that responsibility – co-founding and directing Golden Bridge with her husband Gurushabd, the premier centre for the study and practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation in Los Angeles, and travelling around the globe to share her teachings.

Gurmukh says, “A teacher is one who creates community, trust and love, so that you might learn to live for each other and not at each other, which is a basic teaching of Yogi Bhajan. He came from India to the West not to gather students, rather to create teachers. In this modern world where we live now, it seems that so many teachers are interested in creating followers. We would love for all those who walk into Kundalini yoga classes to be inspired, at the right time, to become teachers.”

The programme consists of two 10-day sessions, in February and April 2019, and one four-day session in September and October 2019. Gurmukh explains, “We know that the ultimate is to teach what you stand for. The two 10-day sessions and the last four-day session of classes and celebration give a person an in-depth experience of the Self without interruptions.

“In the 10-day immersions, you are diving for the Blue Pearl within your Self; whereas in a weekend session you just get your feet a little wet. We find that this 10-10-4 format creates the best, most secure and most knowledgeable teachers.”

The training will take place at triyoga’s Camden centre, which offers a wide range of classes and therapies with London’s leading teachers and therapists, plus delicious food in its vegetarian café. Teacher trainees can also enjoy the vibrant local Camden community and access to Central London.

What past graduates have said:

“I cried, I suffered, I laughed, I loved, I pushed my limits and found an infinite field of inner happiness, joy, strength and love.”

“It was a rare opportunity to be able to benefit from a direct transmission of the timeless authentic teachings of Master Yogi Bhajan. Gurmukh and Gurushabd are the embodiment of his teachings – they are gold dust.”

“The cosy atmosphere at triyoga and the pacing of the course across the year were the perfect container for the teachings to work deeply – the space to absorb and integrate the work and practise the kriyas and meditations in the gaps between our sessions was invaluable and I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”

Course dates:

Part one: 15th February + 16th – 24th February 2019.

Part two: 19th –28th April 2019

Part three: 27 September – 1 October 2019

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