triyoga talks episode 7: Vicky Fox on yoga for cancer + the value of community

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Vicky first qualified as a Power yoga teacher in 2008, before taking a therapeutic specialisation in 2013 to teach ‘Yoga for Survivors’. She now teaches yoga for cancer for patients at any stage of their recovery, which she does at no charge. The classes are designed to provide a safe refuge to come and practise yoga, to build strength, increase range of motion and help to manage some of the anxiety and uncertainty associated with diagnosis and illness.

In this episode of triyoga talks, Vicky Fox talks about how to hold space and support people living with pain, how yoga can help with the physical, emotional and mental effects of cancer, and the positive power of community and sharing.

Speaking on how to support those living with pain, she says, “You just have to be able to sit with them sometimes and be with their pain. You can’t fix it, you can’t say anything to make it better, you just have to be present with them.”

Vicky explains that even coming to the end of treatment can be a daunting and isolating time, as you are suddenly left without the support network that is provided during treatment. Coming to a class at this time can be helpful for people as it gives them “the opportunity to still have that community, to still have those people around that understand what they’ve been through, that they can talk to and get advice about things from.”

To find out more about Vicky’s classes and how yoga can benefit anyone who has been affected by cancer in some way, listen to our full podcast online or subscribe using the buttons above.

Vicky teaches her yoga for cancer classes in Chelsea on Thursdays at 11am and is now also offering a new class in Camden every Wednesday at 2pm. Both classes are completely free to attend. To view the schedule, click here.

Vicky is also leading a two-hour yoga for cancer workshop on Sunday 21st October. For more information, click here.

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