triyoga talks episode 16: Tom Myers on fascia, flexibility + the SI joint

Tom Myers body worker head shot

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Originally from the East Coast, Tom Myers moved to California as a young man, where he met and trained with Ida Rolf, a biochemist and creator of Structural Integration, or “Rolfing”. He went on to work with Moshe Feldenkrais, founder of the Feldenkrais Method, and Buckminster Fuller, the systems theorist who popularised “tensegrity” – or how biological structures are made strong by the unison of parts.

Today, Tom is one of the world’s foremost structural body workers, an expert in fascia and creator of Anatomy Trains, a method that provides a system of understanding fascia and how the human body negotiates between stability and mobility.

In this episode of triyoga talks, Tom discusses fascia and why it’s crucial yoga teachers, massage therapists and personal trainers understand its role. He also shares his views on whether memories are held in our bodies, the finer details of sacroiliac joint dysfunction and the nature of flexibility.

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