triyoga talks episode 8: Dr Melody Moore on #metoo, eating disorders + self-love

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Dr Melody Moore is a yoga teacher and clinical psychologist with a specialisation in eating disorders. She is the founder of the Embody Love Movement, a non-profit with a mission to empower girls and women to see and celebrate their inner beauty.

In this episode of triyoga talks, Dr Melody speaks about the importance of self-love, how media myths perpetuate a sense of ‘not enoughness’ and the complex relationship between contemporary yoga and eating disorders.

Speaking on self-love, body image and the damage that media myths can do to our own sense of self-acceptance, she says, “Part of loving ourselves is recognising that [it] is not based on a condition. The truth is we are born loveable and so really the work towards self-love is letting go of all the messages that we’ve inherited… because inherently we are born enough.”

On the #Me Too movement and women speaking up about their mistreatment, she says, “It’s always so liberating to be able to voice the truth…My hope is that women rising up in this movement will find a liberation and a freedom […] and be able to identify as survivors of these occurrences.”

To hear more of Dr Melody’s advice on cultivating self-love and acceptance and how to support those struggling with eating disorders, listen to our full podcast online or subscribe using the buttons above.

Dr Meldoy Moore will be coming to triyoga Camden this November for the fourth year in a row to teach a daylong for teachers and a weekend of workshops on self-approval and presence. For more information, click here.

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