lucid dreaming: a path of consciousness

What is lucid dreaming?

The topic of lucid dreaming has become very popular lately. What is lucid dreaming and how has this interest come about?

Lucid dreaming simply means that whilst in the dream you recognise that you are dreaming. Ancient cultures recognise that there are many levels in lucid dreaming. This recognition that you are dreaming is the first level.

Particularly since the 1960s people have travelled off the beaten track, with intent to learn. They have met Yogis and Shamans from around the world and been initiated into many ideas and practices that support conscious human evolution.

As they have become practitioners of these arts, consciousness begins to reveal and nurture itself. As part of this enhancement of consciousness then states of harmony, inner silence, trance and lucid dreaming become accessible.

The exploration of the wonders of consciousness are not new to the world. Particularly in western civilisation there has been little focus on it except within monasteries or with mystics and a few rare individuals. There are classic books from the last few hundred years that talk about the importance of this subject for humankind.

Dreaming is a rich source of information, exploration, self-evaluation, understanding, well-being and creativity. Yet this resource is being underused when we don’t remember our dreams or exercise our ability to wake up in them.

Scientists say all humans dream. We know this phrase REM sleep when the eyelids are fluttering. We’ve maybe seen our pets dream too. Dreams are thought to be necessary for health. In dreams we process information, re-evaluate, resolve and project new outcomes. It is a fluid world of imagination.

Many artists, scientists and visionaries of the Western world have admitted that some of their greatest achievements were resolved in dreaming. Einstein is famous for the theory of relativity that came to him in dreaming. In ancient societies dreams were recognised as the resource they are. Dreamers and interpreters of dreams were rewarded.

Functional medicine tells us that a healthy brain dreams and remembers its dreams. As we become healthier in mind body and spirit, then we are called to this possibility.

Is the world an illusion?

Many ancient civilisations view life as a dream. Those familiar with yoga will know the word Maya or the illusion of the apparent world. This is an idea that is supported by cutting-edge science.

Many would refute this. We only have to stub our toe to have validated the idea that the world is very solid. Consider that the world we experience is a learned self-fulfilling agreement. That the world appears like it is because we tell ourselves it is that way.

The idea that we are an object in a world of objects is merely with us to facilitate our time here. Maybe we have experienced that the world often conforms to our moods. There is not a fixed world out there. It is a world created by our feelings, emotions, thoughts, intents and expectations.

Dreams are created in the same way. They’re our projection, yet because the dreaming environment is so much more fluid, we can fast track a lot of exploration of our psyche. We can evolve. This is true for all dreamers but for lucid dreamers this is exponentially increased.

Lucid dreamers have come to these ideas because they note that when they awaken in their dreams, the world is also seemingly solid. They also note that before lucidity, we are beguiled into thinking our dreams are real.

Just as in this reality, this agreement of waking life is real to us, there are other agreements amongst beings that support worlds like our own. Advanced lucid dreamers have access to these worlds and are privy to unimaginable energy and ideas that provide guidance in living in wisdom and creativity.

Activate your lucid dreaming ability

Our workshop Activate Your Lucid Dreaming Ability is available to those that intuit the usefulness of lucid dreaming. When you work on yourself, through yoga and other positive conscious life choices, new possibilities open for you.

This workshop uses both modern techniques and practices that have been used and handed down by ancient cultures. Lucid dreaming is possible for all, with some focus and endeavour.

It is interesting that we use the word dream, like idea or wish. We may say I dream of going to India for my travels.

There is a magical saying “as above so below, as within so without.” There is a correlation between our night-time and daily awareness. Becoming a conscious creator in your night-time awareness is the perfect arena to hone your skills in literally living the life of your dreams.

Join Ena Xena and Gammadian Freeman in Chelsea on Sunday 22nd April for their workshop Activating Your Lucid Dreaming Ability. Click here to book and find out more.

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