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triyoga offers over 60 hot yoga classes every week in 5 locations across London. Following specific alignment and timing principles, you will systematically work the entire body to facilitate a safe, deep stretch, cultivating balance, strength and flexibility. This is a powerful and nurturing practice that takes place in a room heated to 36 – 38 degrees to work the body, relax the mind and feed the soul. Classes are great for beginners and advanced students (but not suitable for pregnant women or children under 16).

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Q. what makes triyoga hot different?
The far infrared heat in triyoga hot helps create a different kind of hot yoga. The far infrared waves heat the body rather than the air, producing an internal heat that is more tolerable than some other hot yoga classes. Couple with the yoga, it will leave you feeling refreshed with a healthy glow. The room will be warm, heated to approximately 36 – 38 degrees.

Q. How much do hot yoga classes cost at triyoga?
You can attend any hot yoga class with any of our class pricing options. View all pricing options here. If you’re new to triyoga we recommend:
30 days of unlimited classes for £54 or you can try one class with a 1 class pass for £17

Q. What can I expect from a triyoga hot class?
We use overhead far infrared panels to heat the studio to 36 – 38 degrees with 45 percent humidity. This type of heat reportedly has many health benefits and is different from most hot yoga studios as the panels heat the body rather than the air.

All triyoga hot classes follow the same sequence, which begin with a breathing exercise (pranayama) before moving to standing postures, seated postures and then resting on the back (savasana.) This is not a flowing practice; rather it is a static one as postures are held anywhere between 30 seconds and one minute. The focus is on backbends, and you will sweat as you work deep on the inside as much as the out. Our teachers instruct optimal alignment for everybody, ensuring safety and also enhancing, uplifting and expanding the experience on the mat.

You will leave class feeling refreshed and energised. The effects are many, including weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and flexibility. You may also discover a heightened state of awareness as your ability to focus improves with regular practice.

We’re sorry we can’t allow any latecomers into class once it begins. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can make it onto the mat in plenty of time.

Q. Are triyoga hot classes suitable for beginners?
Yes, absolutely. We see many people new to yoga come to our hot classes, which often serve as a gateway to the other styles we teach. The postures in a triyoga hot class are not inherently difficult, and teachers will always offer modifications.

Q. Does triyoga have hot classes for advanced students?
Yes. Every triyoga hot class is an open level, meaning the teacher will offer options for the beginner to the intermediate and advanced student.

class levels

what do the class levels mean?

Classes are divided into styles of yoga, but also levels. Check with your teacher before moving up a level and always inform your teacher if you are pregnant or have any injuries.

open level

Open to all levels from beginners to more experienced. The teacher adapts the class according to the students.

level 1

Open to complete beginners, those in the initial stages of yoga practice or those seeking a gentler asana practice. You will learn the fundamentals of yoga.

level 1-2

Builds on the foundational blocks that are established in a Level 1 class. A working knowledge of yoga principles is expected.

level 2

Works on deeper physical and psychological level. Introduces more sophisticated practices that may include more challenging postures (inversions, deeper backbends) as well as pranayama, mudra and meditation. Not suitable for beginners.

level 2-3

Teaches more difficult postures and breathing techniques. Assumes an understanding of the gross as well as subtle aspects of practice.

level 3

A challenging class for the experienced student who possesses deep awareness on both a physical and mental level. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.