triyoga offers more than 70 hot yoga classes every week in five locations across London. Our hot yoga classes follow a set sequence of postures designed to increase circulation, flexibility and strength, and improve cardiovascular health. Far infrared panels heat the studio to 36 – 38 degrees, with 45 percent humidity. It’s not the kind of heat that knocks you out with intensity; rather it’s a gentle, nourishing heat that penetrates the body deep beneath the skin. Great for beginners and perfect for all levels. You will definitely sweat so arrive well hydrated.

Pregnant women or children under 16 are not allowed in our hot yoga classes. We’re sorry, we can’t allow any latecomers into class once it begins. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

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What makes triyoga hot different?

The far infrared heat in triyoga hot helps create a different kind of hot yoga. The far infrared waves heat the body rather than the air around it, producing an internal heat that is more comfortable than some other hot yoga classes. We also follow our own unique sequence of postures that serve to strengthen the back.

What can I expect from a triyoga hot class?

All triyoga hot classes follow the same sequence, which begin with a breathing exercise (pranayama) before moving to standing postures, seated postures and then lying down to rest. This is not a flowing practice. Instead, you’ll hold postures for anywhere between 30 seconds and one minute and the teacher will help you pay attention to your unique and safe alignment.

It’s a fun, accessible class as the postures are less challenging than in many other styles of yoga – and you won’t have to put much weight on the hands (great if you have any wrist or shoulder issues). The focus is more on back strengthening and you’ll sweat as you work deep on the inside as much as the out.

What are the benefits of a triyoga hot class?

You will likely feel great after your very first class – refreshed and energised. There are lots of other benefits too, including improved cardiovascular health and flexibility, as well as better awareness and focus. Runners, cyclists and lots of other athletes find that hot yoga is a great complement to their activity.

The heat means you can work more deeply into muscles and the teacher will guide you through this safely to avoid overstretching. According to the Mayo Clinic, hot yoga also helps with chronic health issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure.

Are triyoga hot classes suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely. Hot yoga is a good introduction if you are new to yoga. You don’t need to be flexible or strong to attend and it’s a welcoming space for anyone who is curious about the practice. The postures themselves are less challenging than in many other classes and the teacher offers modifications to suit whatever level you are working at and to accommodate any injuries.

Does triyoga have hot classes for advanced students?
Yes. In our open level classes, the teacher will offer options to suit different levels of ability. We also have level 1-2 classes, where beginners are welcome but those with more experience get some challenging versions of some postures to work with.

What’s the difference between triyoga hot classes and Bikram yoga?

Our hot classes use a different kind of heat than Bikram yoga. The far infrared panels heat the body rather than the air around it. So, rather than a “blowing” heat, the panels generate a gentle heat that deeply penetrates the body. We also follow a different set sequence of postures. Click here for more information about Bikram yoga.

How much do hot yoga classes cost at triyoga?

You can attend any hot yoga class with any of our class pricing options. View all pricing options here.

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