workshops for teachers

Discover our wide range of in-depth workshops for teachers and advanced practitioners to help you grow your teaching, whether that is exploring a new topic or diving deeper into a specific subject. Workshops are added frequently so check this space often.

In addition to teacher trainings and immersions, triyoga hosts individual and weekend workshops on subjects ranging from philosophy and anatomy to sequencing and adjusting plus more to support teachers with their growth and development. Please see below for a selection of workshops particularly suited for teachers and teacher trainees.

breathe to heal
Max Strom’s Inner Axis

dates: 07 – 10 september 2017
teacher: Max Strom
price: £360

teachers intensive:
what do you see?

dates: 2 september 2017
teacher: Anna Ashby
price: £55

Adjustments, energetics + alignments of yoga postures

dates: 21 september 2017
teacher: Matthew Cohen
price: £275

back to yoga school:
reading bodies

dates: 24 september 2017
teacher: Lisa Sanfilippo
price: £75

trauma releasing exercises
(TRE®) 3 Day Workshop

dates: 27 – 29 september 2017
teacher: Steve Haines
price: £370

revelations to challenge your assumptions about the yoga tradition

dates: 29 september – 01 october 2017
teacher: Christopher Hareesh Wallis
price: £140

breath as a lantern


dates: 29 september 2017
teacher: Zachery Dacuk
price: £30

hands-on adjustments: a teacher’s workshop

dates: 01 october 2017
teacher: Mimi Kuo Deemer
price: £75

iRest yoga nidra

dates: 21 – 22 october 2017
teacher: James Reeves
price: £145

for yoga teachers
making practice inclusive

dates: 05 november 2017
teacher: Dana Falsetti
price: £45

mastering the addictive personality:
teacher training

dates: 06 – 12 november 2017
teacher: Carolyn Cowan
price: £1500

fascia by layers:
an introduction

dates: 10 november 2017
teacher: Zachery Dacuk
price: £30

fascia in movement:
first resistance + accumulative change

dates: 11 november 2017
teacher: Zachery Dacuk
price: £30

teaching yoga to athletes + in sport


dates: 25 november 2017
teacher: Sarah Ramsden
price: £80

supporting injured students:
a daylong workshop for teachers

dates: 09 january 2018
teacher: Andrew McGonigle (Doctor Yogi)
price: £85

making vinyasa safe

dates: 14 january 2018
teacher: J Brown
price: £40

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