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There comes a time for many yoga practitioners where the desire for a deeper exploration into the practice of yoga emerges. For some this may be a calling to share the practice with others, while for others, it may simply be about learning more

We are excited to announce that triyoga has partnered with Krama Yoga to launch a new triyoga 300 hour Vinyasa Krama Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in 2024.

This 6-month, 3-part, advanced teacher training will be led by Master Facilitator, Krama Yoga Founder and triyoga teacher Michael James Wong and supported by an expert faculty of specialist teachers including; Shona Vertue, Dimuthu Fonseka, Adam Husler, Matthew Huy, Kate McQuillan and Radhika Das.

Deepen your practice and develop your teaching on our advanced Vinyasa Krama 300hr teacher training. Led by Michael James Wong with specialist teachers Shona Vertue, Matthew Huy, Adam Husler, Dimuthu Gayathri Fonseka, Kate McQuillan and Radhika Das this dedicated training will explore the practice through the lens of the (Part 1) Physical Practices, (Part 2) Intelligent Practices and (Part 3) Quiet Practices of Yoga.

course content

In this 6 month, 6 module training, we will discuss modern and evidence based yoga anatomy and biomechanics, learn how to safely support students through hands on assisting and techniques, learn how to intelligently sequence and construct asana practices, discuss and understand how to make an inclusive and accessible practice, learn mental health insights, deepen your understanding of Yoga philosophy, experience the power of mantras and kirtan, learn how to teach from subtle body energetics and establish your personal meditation and contemplative practices.

On this Yoga Alliance International accredited 300/500hr yoga training, your senior teachers and course facilitators will guide you through an advanced curriculum for personal practice and professional development.

This Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training will help deepen your practice and develop your teaching.

course structure


Part 1: SEVA Physical Practice
Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, Asana Analysis, Movements Planes & Hands on Assisting

Module 1 (4 days): October 3-6, 2024 | Shoreditch (Thurs-Sun)
Led by Michael James Wong | Specialist: Shona Vertue
Mentor: Jess Roddick
Location: Camden

Module 2 (4 days): October 24-27, 2024 | Camden (Thurs – Sun)
Led by Michael James Wong | Specialist: Matt Huy
Mentor: Katie Oriel
Location: Chelsea

Part 2: KRAMA Intelligent Practices
Intelligent Sequencing, Teaching Techniques, Practice Blueprints & Mental Health Insights

Module 3 (4 days): November 21-24, 2024 | Camden (Thurs – Sun)
Led by Michael James Wong | Specialist: Adam Husler
Mentor: Jess Roddick
Location: Shoreditch

Module 4 (4 days): January 23-26, 2025 | Shoreditch (Thurs – Sun)
Led by Michael James Wong | Specialist: Dimuthu Gayathri Fonseka
Mentor: Katie Oriel
Location: Chelsea

Part 3: KAIVALYA Quiet Practices
Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Subtle Body Energetics, Kirtan & Deep Rest

Module 5 (4 days): February 20-23, 2025 | Camden (Thurs – Sun)
Led by Michael James Wong | Specialist: Kate McQuillan
Mentor: Shane Lennon
Location: Shoreditch

Module 6
 (4 days): March 26-30, 2025 | Shoreditch (Thurs – Sun)
Led by Michael James Wong | Specialist: Radhika Das
Mentor: Shane Lennon
Location: Camden

About Michael James WongMicheal James Wong

Michael James Wong is an International facilitator and well renowned yoga and meditation teacher. Michael is a true ‘teacher’s teacher’ and has facilitated over 3,000+ hours of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in the past 15 years of teaching. Michael is a Yoga Alliance CPD and YACEP Senior Teacher who is dedicated to supporting teachers develop the tools and techniques necessary for teaching in the real world. Michael is an accomplished teacher, speaker and author and is the Founder of Krama Yoga, a teacher’s community and yoga training school. Michael is also the founder of Just Breathe, a community led organisation focused on supporting your mind and mental health.

Michael’s teachings brings together a wealth of knowledge, technique and study that respects the ancient traditions and philosophies of the practice and integrates them with a modern perspective for 21st century. And above all else, Michael believes yoga is a practice with purpose.

Find out more and @michaeljameswong

About the faculty:

Shona Vertue will be joining the faculty as a specialist in practice and alignment techniques. With an extensive background in yoga, fitness, anatomy and biomechanics, Shona will share a deep understanding of the three core needs of a physical yoga practice; strength, flexibility and mobility.
Find out more about Shona at and @shona_vertue
Shona will lead specialist lectures and sessions in Module 1

Matthew Huy will be joining the faculty brining an in depth and evidence based/research perspective to the practice. A specialist in Yoga anatomy and physiology, Matt is the auther of the book ‘The Physiology of Yoga’ and will lead sessions helping to understand the practice through the lens of the body.

Find out more about Matthew at and @yogawithmatt

Matt will lead specialist lectures and sessions in Module 1

Dimuthu Gayathri Fonseka is a South Asian clinical psychotherapist, yoga therapist, restorative yoga teacher and yoga philosophy teacher. She joins the faculty sharing mental health insights for yoga teachers, trauma informed language, clinical perspective, yoga ethics, cultural considerations and yoga philosophy.

Find out more about Dimuthu at

Dimuthu will lead specialist lectures and sessions in Module 2

Adam Husler will be joining the faculty with a specialist background in alignment based vinyasa. Adam is the co-facilitator of the triyoga 200hr with Michael and brings an advanced perspective of practice and intellectual consideration to teaching yoga.

Find out more about Adam at and @adamhusler

Adam will lead specialist lectures and sessions in Module 2

Kate McQuillan will be joining the faculty with a background in Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Rocket Yoga. She will be sharing lectures on the subtle body energetics with a focus on Chakras and their application to the practice. Kate is also certified Krama Yoga 300hr Facilitator and is the Krama Yoga School Training Director.

Find out more about Kate at and @katemcquillan_yoga

Kate will lead specialist lectures and sessions in Module 3

Radhika Das is a South Asian bhakti yoga teacher and kirtan leader. He joins the faculty sharing in depth understanding of the Bhagavad Gita, Bhakti Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Mantras and their meaning and the spiritual practice of Kirtan.

Find out more about Radhika at and @radhika_dasa

Radhika will lead specialist lectures and sessions in Module 3

eligibility + pre-requisites

Applicants should have at least applicants have at least 1 year of regular and consistent yoga practice or 6 months if a teacher of another physical discipline (Pilates, meditation, personal training).


The triyoga teacher training is recognised and accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) at 200 hours level and by Yoga Alliance USA at 200 hours level.


additional information

Attending Classes at triyoga
From the moment you sign up and pay your deposit, you will have access to a triyoga teacher training membership which is priced at 50% the unlimited membership cost. This will give you access to all classes, in all studios (not reformer Pilates), before, during and throughout your course.

Application Process
If interested in signing up for the training, potential students would need to follow the process below,

  • Fill out a student application
  • Have a 20min training interview call
  • This helps us get to know you, and for you to get any questions answered to make sure the course is right for you
  • Once accepted, pay the course deposit to confirm your spot on the course


What style of yoga will I learn to teach?
You will be taught to deliver vinyasa yoga; a style that can be developed to reflect you biases and to accommodate the needs of your future body of students

Can I access classes at triyoga?
Trainees have a 50% discount on triyoga membership (not reformer) from the moment you sign up for the course, through to course completion.

Are there any extra costs?
You will need to purchase or borrow relevant course texts and we advise you to get trainee insurance when you commence practice teaching members of the public.

Do I need any yoga equipment?
Mats and yoga props are available for use at triyoga free of charge, however many students like to have their own for hygiene and sanitary reasons.

Do I need to be able to do advanced poses?
No. Our belief is that a yoga asana practice is a subjective one; being able to perform a particular variation of an asana, in your unique body, with your unique set of life experiences, does not make you either good or bad at yoga. 

Is there an assessment?
There will be a teaching assessment and written assessment including some homework thought the programme. The teaching team will do their utmost to ensure you have the knowledge you need to pass 1st time, but should you not, assessments may be redone, up to 3 times

What qualification will I receive upon graduation?
You will be a 200hr Registered Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance International

Are scholarships available?
There will be a limited number of scholarships available, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

What happens if I get injured?

The teaching team will do all they can to ensure that you are able to complete the training within you cohort and will help you manage any injuries or alike as they arise.  The course is non-refundable, but should you have to leave you cohort you may joining the following cohort at the same point in the training.

next course

course start: Thu 03 October 2024


course fee: early bird course pricing:

– £4,400 (payment plan)
– £4,200 (paid in full upfront)

Note: limited early bird places available.

Price from 1st of July:

– £4,600 (payment plan)
– £4.400 (paid in full upfront)


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Micheal James Wong

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