specialist teacher training

Deepen your knowledge and diversify your teaching skills with immersions and intensive trainings with the world’s best teachers and trainers. Courses offered include anatomy, philosophy, hot yoga pre + post-natal, restorative, ashtanga and so much more. Courses count toward CPD credit.

yin yoga 2 teacher training

starts: 14th Oct 2019
teacher: Sarah Lo
price: £490

restorative yoga: an intensive training for teachers

starts: 18 Oct 2019
teacher: Anna Ashby and Chris Swain
price: £545

vinyasa flow: a teacher’s immersion

starts: 21st Oct 2019
teacher: Mimi Kuo Deemer
price: £495

foundations of somatic stress release: 5-day training

start date: 30th Oct 2019
teacher: Scott Lyons
price: £625 (£550 early bird price)

mastering the addictive personality: teacher training

start date: 4th Nov 2019
teacher: Carolyn Cowan
price: £1500 (£1300 early bird price)

accessible yoga training

start date: 19th Nov 2019
teacher: Jivana Heyman
price: £470 (£425 early bird price)

40 hour ashtanga teacher training

start date: 25th Nov 2019
teacher: David Swenson
price: £800 (£700 early bird price)

the art + science of sequencing: a five-day training

start date: 9th Dec 2019
teacher: Mark Stephens
price: £550 (£450 early bird price)

Yoga therapy + therapeutic yoga immersion

start date: 16th December 2019
teacher: Lisa Sanfilippo
price: £325

yoga for cancer teacher training

start date: 6th Jan 2020
teacher: Vicky Fox
price: £495

yin yoga + mindfulness meditation intensive for teachers

start date: 28th Jan 2020
teacher: Sarah Lo
price: £620 (£550 early bird price)

mindfulness for yoga teachers: an immersion

start date: 25th Jan 2020
teacher: Mimi Kuo-Deemer
price: £425