diet + nutrition

Discover our range of diet, nutrition and naturopathy treatments.

cancer coaching

Cancer coaching is for those diagnosed with cancer, recovering from or wanting to reduce their risk of cancer. The programme guides on what foods to include, which ones to avoid and lifestyle changes that support recovery.

The information is not biased but based on credible current research. The complete program consists of 6 x 90 minute consultations or a one off consultation (90 minutes). Benefits are improving client’s nutrition and an effective lifestyle program by designing environments to enhance a physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Cancer coaching allows our clients to take charge of their health by making informed decisions and works alongside conventional treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation). The treatment options should be discussed with client’s medical team to support a successful recovery.

colonic irrigation

Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy is a gentle therapy, which involves the slow introduction of warm, filtered water into the colon via the rectum. The water, combined with gentle abdominal massage, helps to clear your system of toxins and expel it naturally by your colon which is then removed away with the waste water. A nutritional home care advice is given to compliment the session and to further promote clients’ wellbeing and health. Disposable equipment is used at every treatment and client modesty is ensured at all times.

health + wellness coaching

This is a holistic personalised programme that allows you to transition to a real whole foods diet, improve your lifestyle and create a positive mindset. It is perfect for those either at the beginning of their health journey or who despite eating healthily and exercising are not attaining their optimum health goals. During the programme dietary preferences, exercise and lifestyle are discussed. The programme can be done either as a one off consultation or as weekly consultations. After being guided and supported to make the changes some benefits experienced are increased energy levels, overcoming food cravings, achieving healthy weight, learning about food and mood connections, improving digestion, being better informed when preparing meals for the family and finding balance.


Naturopathy is a complete system of natural health care which prevents, balances and supports a multitude of conditions of the body and mind. By integrating conventional health sciences with nutritional, herbal and homeopathic remedies etc, naturopathy works to realign the client’s mental, emotional and physical being. A Naturopath is trained to view each individual uniquely and to furthermore address the underlying cause of the issue, not simply the superficial symptoms that manifest.

During the consultation, a comprehensive case analysis and examination is taken, followed by an individualised treatment programme, highlighting recommended supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice and investigations where necessary.

nutritional consultations

What we eat is vitally important to our wellbeing and Nutritional Therapy is a form of complementary medicine in which a practitioner will work with a patient or client around this issue. The treatment involves helping the body rid itself of stressful substances, providing raw materials, and improving the assimilation of food in order to aid physical repair. A nutritional programme is developed based on an individual assessment. Nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle changes are the basis of treatment encouraging the body to rebalance and return to optimum health.