triyoga mentoring programme

triyoga mentoring for teachers

september 2019 – march 2020

with Mia Togo


Becoming a yoga teacher is a process of discovering your unique voice, as you come to understand how to share the wisdom of yoga philosophy in an embodied way. Teaching yoga is an art of facilitation built around clear, honest communication. As teachers we hold a safe, sacred space for our students to tune-in to practice and drop-in to wisdom.

This six-month mentoring programme is designed to help you find your purpose as a teacher. You might come up against some shadows and self-defeating voices but Mia will help you understand how to turn these perceived weaknesses into strengths, as you navigate and work with them.

Mia Togo has taught and mentored hundreds of teachers when she was a teacher trainer at the famed YogaWorks in the US where she taught on both their 200- and 300-hour programmes. Before moving to London, she was one of their senior-most teachers.

This mentoring programme is like no other as it will take you to the next level, helping you dive into the deeper dimensions of teaching yoga. You will learn how to:

  • Approach hands-on adjustments and assists in the age of informed consent and personal agency
  • Seamlessly and authentically integrate yoga philosophy into your classes
  • Lift your knowledge of anatomy and apply it in your classes
  • Teach essential points of alignment to individual bodies
  • Create safe, intelligent sequencing


programme structure

The six-month, 64.5 contact hour programme consists of:

  • An opening ceremony to set the stage and intention for the next six months, and a closing ceremony to reflect back on what you have learned and how you have changed.
  • Two monthly meetings at Mia’s house near Notting Hill Gate tube that will facilitate learning and offer the chance to ask deeper questions in a safe environment. Homework will be set.
  • Mia will observe you teach a class then spend time with you providing rich, detailed feedback.
  • You will attend one class a week taught by Mia, and also assist her in one class a week
  • You will attend two triyoga workshops with some of the world’s most renowned guest teachers, approved by Mia.


There is also a coaching component of this programme – you can only hold space for your students when you have held space for your own growth and healing. Yoga is a practice of returning to union. Where we have splintered off from that wholeness is human – having the courage to return is sacred.

Mia brings a grace and grit to mentoring that only a teacher who has worked through many layers of their own experience can bring to the table. She encouraged me to dig deep and identify what my truth is as a yoga teacher. – Dania

Through working intimately with Mia, all the pieces of my teaching started to come together, and I began to feel more authentic and connected to what I was saying. The work is deep and transformative, and she holds space so you feel supported the entire way. – Katt

eligibility + pre-requisites

Mia’s teacher mentoring programme is ideally for those who have already completed a 200-hour teacher training and have about two years’ teaching experience in any style of yoga.

course fee: £975 plus the cost of weekly classes and two workshops


Please send your CV and a one page letter explaining why you want to join the programme to
Opening ceremony: Saturday 07th September, triyoga Camden

Closing ceremony: Saturday 07th March, triyoga Soho

020 7449 3159


Mia Togo