triyoga 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training

with Anna Ashby and Jean Hall

Details of the next intake (starting in April 2021) coming soon


This 300 hour programme is designed for qualified yoga teachers and provides the opportunity for participants to work with senior teachers at the top of their field within a structure that provides time and space for profound learning and growth, a supportive community of peers and tutors, and first-rate studio facilities.

Anna Ashby and Jean Hall, two of triyoga’s most experienced teachers and teacher trainers, will lead the training and will be joined by a faculty of experts to provide a programme that includes: asana, prāṇāyāma, meditation, philosophy (traditional yoga texts and Western philosophy), experiential anatomy and physiology, subtle body anatomy, voicework, chanting, lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers and applied teaching methodology.

Extended faculty:
Bill Mahony, Richard Rosen, Gillian Evans, Aki Omori, Nikki Slade, Jason Birch, Ruth Westoby, David Behrens, Gary Carter, Steve Haines, Karen Kop-O’Brian

Previous triyoga ATT graduates: 

I was blown away by the ATT course I took with triyoga. We were given access to some of the world’s best teachers in Richard Rosen, Hareesh Wallice and Bill Mahony. The course felt well rounded with an emphasis on philosophy, history of yoga, anatomy and asana practice. My yoga practice feels more connected and my teaching does too. It was so nice to be able to put the teachings into practice over the course of the modules.”

“The triyoga ATT deepened my yoga practice and teaching in ways that I never expected. Anna and Jean beautifully and generously offered embodied awareness as the lens through which to experience the yoga practices which included asana, breath, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. They created space for each of us to enquire, explore and curate our own unique journey into the heart of these practices. Always respecting and honouring the history and tradition of yoga, Anna and Jean along with a group of highly acclaimed guests expertly guided us to a profound and expanded experience of the yoga tradition. The knowledge I gained from this training has allowed me to practice, teach and live yoga from a place of my own inner wisdom and truth.”

course content

A journey from the body to the soul…

Setting the highest standards in yoga teaching, triyoga’s advanced teacher training course will enable + empower teachers to hone their skills in order to effectively teach students of all levels + experience. Delving deeper into the rich and diverse body of knowledge known as yoga, honouring its tradition alongside fresh + innovative approaches, participants will be supported to foster and enrich their own authentic style and voice to become confident, inspiring and embodied teachers.

Crucially, this course encourages self-enquiry to further develop personal agency and the ability to access inner knowledge, so that trainees may evolve in their outlook to their practice and life.

course description:
The course programme comprises: asana, prāṇāyāma, meditation, philosophy (traditional yoga texts and Western philosophy), experiential anatomy + physiology, subtle body anatomy, voice-work, chanting, lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers and applied teaching methodology.

Each module weekend will be themed and will integrate teachings, theory and practice to provide a holistic view of a topic. Modules are progressive, each building upon the work from previous modules, supporting a pace of learning that enables students to integrate material and practices into their own practice and teaching outside of the course.

The course framework provides continuity and community within an environment that is supportive and empowered where learning and exploration spark reflection, self-inquiry, and the development of self-evaluation and appraisal skills. Throughout the programme students will assess the effectiveness and progression of their teaching skills along with the support of their tutors and peer-group.

course structure

The programme content will be delivered through a 20-month training comprising 14x three day modules – providing over 300 hours of tuition, practice and study

Each of the 14x three day modules includes theoretical, practical and experiential components which explore a central topic or theme from differing perspectives.

In addition to āsana practice and meditation/nidra/prāṇāyāma practices, which are included each weekend, the modules will be themed as follows:

Module 1: welcome, induction + review: working from principles
Module 2: pranayama
Module 3: philosophy text (1); thematic teaching
Module 4: structure and muscles; restorative yoga and yoga nidra
Module 5: subtle body awareness; communication
Module 6: philosophy text (2); intelligent + creative sequencing
Module 7: anatomy, student progression
Module 8: nervous system health; student/teacher relationship
Module 9: fascial body
Module 10: trauma, mental health and addiction
Module 11: pedagogy, philosophy text (3); teaching from scriptures
Module 12: anatomy, practice, self-care + inspiration
Module 13: philosophy text (4); expansion
Module 14: summation and final projects

The programme will provide a minimum number of hours in the following key areas:
Anatomy + physiology: 36 hours
Philosophy: 52 hours
Teaching methodology: 50 hours
Led-practice (asana, meditation, pranayama etc): 70 hours
Chanting+voicework: 10 hours

In total, the programme comprises over 300 hours of tuition, practice and study.

A full schedule can be downloaded in the right sidebar on this page

learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will:

  • Receive the triyoga education advanced teacher training certificate.
  • Be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as RYT500 teacher.
  • Be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance Professionals at the chartered or senior level (depending on length of time teaching and accrued teaching hours).On successful completion of the course, participants will have:
  • Gained a fuller understanding of, and be able to skilfully apply the different approaches, methods + philosophies of yoga which can support and nurture students of all different backgrounds and experience
  • Understood how yoga can contribute to overall health and wellbeing
  • Increased their confidence, both personally and professionally.


More specifically, participants will have:

  • Deepened + refined their own personal practice, including applying modifications, variations + intelligent approaches to practising intermediate/advanced (or level 2) asana;
  • Developed reflective, self-evaluation + appraisal skills with which to objectively assess the effectiveness of their teaching taking into consideration pedagogy and effective communication;
  • Contemplated and worked with progressive learning techniques + creative sequencing to ensure safe + methodical practice according to student level, needs + capacity;
  • Refined language + communication skills covering essential + subtle alignment, clear methodology, and authentic and inclusive voice addressing challenges/inhibitions to personal expressions;
  • Gained confidence in how to give skilful assists with sensitivity + awareness including adept use of props;
  • Engaged in a dialogue to understand more fully the dynamics of the student/teacher roles covering different aspects such as praise and blame, transference, projection, criticism, idealisation + counter transference, as well as essential elements of a healthy + positive teacher/student relationship;
  • Studied in-depth key texts of the yoga tradition + related western texts in order to more skilfully weave teachings into classes, workshops + retreats;
  • Understood more comprehensively the roots of the yoga tradition and the way yoga has been adapted + evolved in the modern age; used this knowledge to contemplate and em-brace the role/responsibilities of a modern yoga teacher;
  • Refined their learning + practice of various prāṇāyāma + meditation.
  • Gained insight to their agency and ability to tap into their inner wisdom.

eligibility + pre-requisites

The triyoga advanced teacher training is open to participants who:

  • Have an existing 200 hour teacher training qualification (through any school)
  • Have a minimum of 18 months post-qualification teaching experience
  • Have a minimum 200 hours teaching experience
  • Submit a completed application form, including a reference and a contemplation

Please be aware that, whilst you are eligible for the triyoga course with an initial teacher training certificate from any school, a triyoga advanced 300 hour qualification does not automatically qualify you to register with the Yoga Alliance or Yoga Alliance Professionals if your initial teacher training is not accredited/registered by these bodies.

If you do not meet the teaching experience eligibility criteria, but feel that you are a suitable candidate for the training, please do get in touch with us to discuss


Graduation from the training is not a given. To successfully complete the training (and be eligible for accreditation) students are required to:

  • Attend at least 12 modules (and make up hours if modules are missed). Note: it isn’t acceptable to leave modules early without out prior approval from the course tutors;
  • Demonstrate a committed, open and enquiring attitude throughout the training
  • Contribute to in-class and online group discussions
  • Complete all course assessments to a satisfactory standard, including: Case studies; Essays/Reflective writings; Teaching plans; Final project

On successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with a triyoga advanced teaching training certificate and will be eligible for individual accreditation at the Yoga Alliance RYT 500 hour level.


The triyoga advanced teacher training is accredited by Yoga Alliance (US) at the 300 hour level. This means that on successful completion of the course, participants will:

  • Receive the triyoga education advanced teacher training certificate
  • Be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT500 teacher. This is subject to the participant’s existing RYT status – see yoga alliance credentials for teachers
  • Be able to count the further training hours towards progression to the next career level with Yoga Alliance Professionals. For detailed information about joining and upgrade criteria – see yoga alliance joining-criteria


additional information

about the faculty:

Anna Ashby is a senior teacher at triyoga. Her training in alignment based schools of hatha yoga combined with her love of and training in dance add to her unique style. Her teaching uses precision, alignment and slow flowing movement to bring about a deeper experience of integration. Her direct experience of the yoga tradition while spending 12 years in an ashram in up state New York imbues her teaching with the deeper truths offered by yoga philosophy. She is a founder and senior faculty member of triyoga’s teacher training program and holds the highest level of certification from Yoga Alliance both in the UK and in the US (E-RYT 500/Senior Teacher). For more information about Anna’s schedule visit her website

Jean Hall, as a life-long lover of creativity, movement and adventure, has spent much of her life practicing yoga, exploring bodywork disciplines and travelling. Having discovered yoga whilst training as a dancer it soon became an integral part of her life, developing alongside her career as a performer and also her own personal learning and exploration. In 1995 she qualified as a Iyengar yoga teacher and since then she has continued to study different forms of yoga and movement with many great teachers from many diverse backgrounds.Jean is known for her unique creative sequencing that helps to draw students and teachers safely beyond limitations and closer to their true potential and confidence through a somatic approach to yoga, mindful breathing and meditation along with a touch of devotion and playfulness. She teaches in London and internationally as well as being a published author of yoga books which have been translated worldwide: Breathe; Yoga – Simple Steps; Astanga Yoga; Astanga Yoga and Meditation.

Modules will take place at triyoga studios, which are fully equipped with mats, props etc. Participants will be provided with a course reading list in advance of the start of the programme – which will include core and recommended texts. All other course materials (handouts, manuals etc.) will be provided at module weekends, as necessary.

Attendance of at least 12 modules is compulsory for the successful completion of the course. If a participant has to miss a module, they must arrange an appropriate content ‘catch up’ plan with the module leaders – to ensure that key course teachings are not missed. Where catch up plans require one-to-one tuition outside of scheduled course hours, fees incurred will be met by the student.

The course fee is £4300. The fee covers all tuition and course materials.
A payment plan can be arranged. We will require a deposit of £1000 up front and then monthly payments.
A discounted fee of £4150 available if you pay for the whole course up front.

Course fees are non-refundable, subject to terms + conditions.

additional costs
Participants will be provided with a reading list upon enrolment. Book purchases are not included in the course fee.

discounted classes
Once the training commences, participants will be eligible to sign up for a monthly unlimited triyoga class pass at £54 per month (compared to the usual price of £108). Alternatively, participants will be eligible to attend any triyoga scheduled class for a 50% discount on the drop-in rate.


frequently asked questions

Q. How long is the course?
The course course will run from April 2019 – November 2020 and comprises over 300 hours of tuition and practice. There are 14 modules.

Q. What style of yoga is taught?
Our approach is non-dogmatic and inclusive. We encourage all of our students to discover their practice and orientation through their own experience and enquiry. Therefore, we welcome applicants from all orientations of yoga.

Q. How is the course material delivered?
Teaching methods include: lectures, experiential classes, small and large group work, practice teaching time and individual homework and exercises to encourage in depth learning and discovery.

Q. Who teaches on the programme?
The two main asana teachers are Anna Ashby and Jean. The faculty will further include renowned experts such as Bill Mahony, Richard Rosen, Aki Omori, Gillian Evans, Ruth Westoby, Karen O’Brien-Kop, Gary Carter and more.

Q. Do I need to live in London?
Many of our students do live in or around London, but several of our students travel in from much further afield: Jersey, the West Country, Wales, Scotland and even mainland Europe.

Q. Is it possible to work full time alongside the training?
Many of our students work full time and/or have families. The module weekends include Fridays and some of the sessions are held on week days, please refer to the schedule for details.

Q. How much homework is there?
The training does include some assignments in the various course aspects and a final project. How much time you dedicate towards this work is your choice.

Q. What happens if I miss a module?
If you miss a training component, you will need to agree on a catch up plan with your tutor. This may include attending an extra session with your tutor charged at £60 per hour (split between all students who have missed the module). We ask students to try and not miss more than two modules over the duration of the whole course.

Q. I have particular learning needs, is support available?
Yes. We have policies in place to support students with particular learning needs. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Q. Where does the training take place?
The majority of training modules take place at triyoga’s Soho and Camden studio. On rare occasions modules may also take place at another London location.

Q. How do I apply?
All applicants must fill in an application form – please submit an enquiry to download an application form or email
Completed application forms should be emailed or posted to the Teacher Training Administrator, Flavia Cerrone,, triyoga, Unit 4, 122a Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 8HX.

Q. Do you take on everyone who applies?
We have many more applicants that we have places, so once the closing date for applications has passed we will interview all candidates.

Q. How many students do you take on the course?
We accept a maximum of 34 students onto each intake.

Q. Eligibility and pre-requsites?
• Have an existing 200 hour teacher training qualification (through any school*)
• Have a minimum of 18 months’ post-qualification teaching experience
• Have a minimum 200 hours teaching experience
• Submit a completed application form, including a reference and a contemplation

Q. What happens if I’m working with an injury?
Depending on the nature of the injury you may want to contact us during the application process to assess how your injury will impact on your participation in the course.

Q. Am I too old to apply?
We do not have an age limit.

Q. When will I know whether I have a place on the course?
Successful applicants will be offered a place on the training three weeks before the first weekend of the training.

Q. How much does the course cost?
Course fee: £4300 (£ 1,000 non-refundable deposit)
Discounted fee available if you pay for the whole course up front: £4150
Course fees are non-refundable and include all tuition, mentoring, course manuals and handouts.

Q. Can I set up a payment plan?
Yes. We will require a deposit of £1000 up front and then monthly payments for the length of the training.

Q. Are there any extra costs?
Yes, these include:
– Required texts
– Yoga Alliance registration

Q. What benefits do I get as a triyoga trainee?
Trainees receive unlimited classes for £54 per month (50% discount). If you visit triyoga 3 times per week this price is equates to a 70% discount on our regular class price. Discounts for some triyoga workshops are also available and 10% off all triyoga shop purchases.

Q. What happens if I become pregnant?
In the event that you become pregnant, the teacher training administration and teachers undertake to be as flexible as possible and support you to work out the best way forward. We have a set of guidelines for students who have become pregnant to help them through the training and our aim is to ensure that you are given the necessary support.

Q. What happens if I get injured?
In difficult circumstances e.g. injury, the teacher training administration and teachers undertake to be as flexible as possible and support you to work out the best way forward. Subject to prior consultation with the teacher trainers and a fully qualified medical practitioner, if you suffer an injury you may come to sessions and adjust the poses to suit your condition or observe as is appropriate.
Our intention always is to try to find ways of helping students complete the training on the intake originally applied for. However, we understand that there may be some instances where it is not possible to continue and a deferral to another intake may be necessary.

Q. What happens if I want to leave the course?
It is our aim and policy to facilitate trainees who may be experiencing difficulties either with the training or in other areas of their life so they are able to complete the teacher training programme. However, we understand that in some circumstances this is not possible and students have no choice other than to leave the programme. In this instance we will be unable to give you a certificate or graduate you from the training and your course fees for the remainder of the training are still due unless an exemption applies.

Q. What qualifications do I get at the end of the training?
On graduation you will receive the following certification:
– Certificate of Excellence from triyoga Education
– Eligibility for Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK)
– Eligibility for Yoga Alliance USA RYS 300

application form

course start: Fri 09 April 2021

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