SOLD OUT: qigong for yoga teachers

with Mimi Kuo-Deemer


31 july – 2 august 2020

16 hours


This weekend immersion will provide the foundation for how yoga teachers and teachers in training can learn, adapt and incorporate aspects of qigong into their classes and personal practice. It will be a highly experiential programme designed to provide participants with practical knowledge as well as an embodied understanding of qigong. It will also establish principles for innovatively and authentically weaving qigong into Yoga āsana classes. Participants will receive a course manual with illustrated sequences as well as sections on context, theory and approaches to integrating Yoga and qigong.



‘The Qigong for Yoga teachers immersion has been life changing. The structure and content of the immersion was intelligent and well planned. I left the immersion equipped with new skills and a fresh outlook on my yoga teaching career’. – Jo Turner

‘I have done a few training weekends with various teachers, but Mimi brings something to her teaching that I’ve not experienced with anyone else. The support and preparation is second to none. I would highly recommend any of Mimi’s trainings to anyone who practices yoga and/or qigong’. – Louise Hallam

‘Mimi created the most lovely energy for the whole weekend. I have never laughed so much on a course. She has a wonderful teaching style- authentic and fun while being very clear and professional’. – Sian O’Neil

course content

About Yoga and Qigong: Qigong is a chinese energy healing and martial art with roots in Daoism and Buddhism. It offers a way to harmonize the virtues of trust, integrity, wisdom, and compassion in the human body and spirit. Like yoga, qigong uses deep breathing, meditation, and static or dynamic movements to promote greater health and vitality. The actions generate and revitalize theqi, or life force, in the body.

As an energy-based practice, qigong employs slow, circular movements that improve the flow ofqithrough the body’s meridians and organs. In contrast, Yogaāsanaplaces greater emphasis on linear extensions of the spine, body and limbs. This works to tone, lengthen and strengthen muscles more directly. When aspects of qigong are incorporated into anāsanapractice, the flow ofpranaandqican be significantly increased, bringing greater energy, health and efficiency to the body. The cross-fertilization of yoga and qigong offers creative and insightful discoveries that can delight in unexpected ways. 

Subjects covered in the immersion will include:

  • Qigong theories and their application to Yoga such as chen(rooting, sinking), wuwei(effortlessness), yi(intention), five phase/element principles including organ and meridian theory, the affect of qiflow on physical and emotional health
  • The congruencies and distinctions between Daoist and Yogic concepts
  • Fire/yang-based qigong forms and sequences that integrate effectively into yoga classes such as horse stance, taming the tiger, dragon, bear, and bird nesting among others
  • Water/yin-based qigong forms and sequences that integrate into yoga classes such as clearing, filling and sealing; moving and parting clouds; etheric cleansing; hands to heart; looking for moon and sea; and swimming dragon
  • Introduction to seasonal and element-based themes inspired by qigong and Chinese medicine that can be incorporated into yoga classes
  • Qigong practices for maintaining health and energy levels as a yoga teacher

course structure

The course schedule is as follows:

Friday 31st July: 10.00 – 18.00

Saturday 1st august: 10.00 – 18.00

Sunday 2nd august: 10.00 – 17.00

eligibility + pre-requisites

This immersion is aimed at teachers and teachers in training. 


This training meets Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance Professionals and BWY requirements for CPD

additional information

In the event that you are unable to complete the training due to exceptional circumstances, any exemptions to fulfilling your requirements, including your financial obligation, are at the discretion of triyoga Education.

sold out

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Dates: 31 july – 2 august 2020
Teacher: Mimi Kuo-Deemer
Cost: £365



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