mimi kuo deemer

mindfulness for yoga teachers: an immersion

with Mimi Kuo-Deemer

25 – 26 January 2020

1 – 2 February 2020



This four-day immersion is aimed at sharing mindfulness in a way that can be of benefit to yoga teachers as well as teachers in training. It is also focused on providing practical tools from the mindfulness tradition to students, enabling them to engage with their yoga practice in skillful, kind and insightful ways.

While mindfulness has become a catch-word in today’s culture, the roots of mindfulness stem from ancient and powerful ideas originally set forth by the Buddha. This immersion will explore the modern-day value of the Buddha’s teachings on mindfulness, and how they may support practice within the contemporary yoga world.  Drawing on the Satipatthana Suttas, or Foundations of Mindfulness, each day of the immersion will explore one of the four foundations of mindfulness as it relates to āsana practice and teaching: Mindfulness of Body, Mindfulness of Vedana (sensations or feeling tones that are pleasant, unpleasant or neutral), Mindfulness of Thoughts and Mindfulness of Dhamma (the path, truth, as well as all thought, emotion and intention).  Through a highly experiential and embodied approach, we will consider the ways our role as yoga teachers can be supported and guided by the benefits of mindfulness. It will also orientate us toward ways we can share what we love with qualities of metta (lovingkindness), vipassana (insight) and prajña (wisdom).

In addition to meditation practice, each day will include active practice of yoga āsana and some qigong (a Chinese energy art form).  Emphasis will be placed on understanding how to approach and teach movement-based practices within a mindfulness framework.  Structural and practical methodologies such as using language, introducing and developing themes and weaving narratives into class will be covered. Participants will be given techniques for presenting and sharing mindfulness in accessible, informative and enlivening ways.

Topics will include:

–  Cultivating the art of bringing mindfulness and the gifts of embodied presence, compassion and insight to the yoga classroom.

–  Working with metta (care), vipassana (insight) and prajña (wisdom) in movement.

–  Exploring how triggers within our experience of doing yoga can precipitate our habitual and reactive patterns, and understanding   ways to become free from these tendencies.

–  Learning to perceive and work with both our and our students’ tendencies toward skillful and unskillful thoughts and judgements.

–  Fostering valuable resources and skills from within mindfulness to help meet some of the difficulties of being in the role of the teacher such as selfing (inflationary and deflationary tendencies) and working with the voice of the inner critic (comparison, judgement, and the imposter syndrome).

–  Considering the obstacles as well as the freedom that arise from steady mindfulness practice.

Mimi‘s immersion was a deeply grounding and nurturing experience for the soul. Mentally I feel lighter, with space to grow and create. Mimi’s use of language and her ability to integrate and impart the teachings of the Buddha was inspiring. This workshop left me full of enquiry and eagerness to learn more. It reignited my love for studying and I am already integrating it into my teaching and my everyday life’. – Serena Davis

‘The balance of the course between learning, mediation, yoga practice and group work was excellent. Mimi is hugely inspiring in such a calm and understated way! The course has had an immediate impact on my life –  bringing me back to my practice and giving me tools to help deal with what life throws up. It’s also given me new confidence in passing it on to the classes I teach, and helped slowed me down which is no mean feat! Her passion for mindfulness and passing it on is truly inspiring, and I thank her for a heartfelt course’.  – Rachel Palin

‘Mimi’s course was immersed in thought-provoking materials.  It is not often you see a course from the heart and this was it.  I think most of us came back with a new inner being, fresh with compassion for ourselves and towards others. I had one person come to me and express their changed view of me, which was kinder and softer.  It is wonderful how a short course can change the inner dialogue to kinder and softer soul’. – Nahid Nolan

‘If you want to deliver mindfulness to students in a skilled and authentic way, take this training. I cannot recommend it enough! In a world where life is fast-paced, mindfulness is the antidote, providing healing and sanctuary. Mimi’s training gets to the heart of these sacred practices of mindfulness, skilfully teaching us strategies to ground our teaching, while weaving mindfulness more confidently into our yoga classes. The training also helped me deal with my inner critic; taught me to hold space for myself, and others – which has been deeply cathartic and affirming. This training is a must!! ‘ – Julia Thompson 

course content

Day One: Mindfulness of Body: Awakening the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Body

Day Two: Mindfulness of Vedana (feeling tone): The Gap Between Stimulus and Response

Day Three: Mindfulness of Thoughts:  The Inclinations of Mind and Our Emotional Signatures

Day Four: Mindfulness of Dhamma: Living in the Light of Our Own Understanding

course structure

25th January: 09.45 – 12.30 + 14.00 – 17.45

26th January: 09.45 – 12.30 + 14.00 – 17.45

1st February: 09.45 – 12.30 + 14.00 – 17.45

2nd February: 09.45 – 12.30 + 14.00 – 17.45

eligibility + pre-requisites

This immersion is aimed at teachers and teachers in training, or students with at least three years of consistent yoga practice. 


This training meets Yoga Alliance USA, BWY and Yoga Alliance Professionals requirements for CPD

additional information

In the event that you are unable to complete the training due to exceptional circumstances, any exemptions to fulfilling your requirements, including your financial obligation, are at the discretion of triyoga Education.

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dates: 25 – 26 January + 1 – 2 February 2020

course fee: £425


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