200-hour vinyasa teacher training with Jason Crandell

power, precision + mindfulness: co-teachers Jasmin Bahia, Adam Hocke and Adam Husler

hybrid online + in-person



A hybrid 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training led by Jason Crandell and co-taught by Jasmin Bahia and triyoga teachers Adam Hocke and Adam Husler.

50% of the course is online, studying anatomy, philosophy, postural technique, verbal cueing and sequencing with Jason through professionally filmed videos and manuals. You will have five 90-minute online live Q&As with him.

50% is in-person during two six-day intensives with Adam, Adam and Jasmin. This includes all your practice teaching and the majority of the asana, meditation and pranayama sessions.

This hybrid format combines the best of studio and online training. Jason has been a leader in online education and in-person teacher training for more than a decade. Now he’s bringing them together –blending in-person learning, practice and connection with the convenience of online and the highest standards of online education – to create an efficient and effective way of learning.

course content

This 200-hour training will give you the knowledge, support and technique you need to begin teaching yoga in a clear and confident way. You’ll learn the the most up-to-date asana techniques, sequencing structures and ways to safely cue and guide your students. You will learn to think analytically and approach teaching with an enquiring mind, asking ‘why?’. You’ll also advance and refine your own practice by being immersed in Jason’s systematic method of modern vinyasa yoga.

It will give you a foundation to start teaching yoga, focusing on beginners, private sessions and small groups, since these are the most common students.

This training is also suitable for yoga teachers who are already teaching but want to learn a consistent and systematic method of teaching vinyasa yoga.


The curriculum has four units of practice and study: asana practice, functional anatomy, philosophical enquiry and teaching methodology. The four are intertwined: functional anatomy informs asana practice and teaching techniques, and philosophical enquiry grounds you in the yoga tradition and guides your teaching.

Unit 1: asana practice

Learn a skilful and comprehensive approach to practising and teaching modern yoga. Yoga is much more than an asana practice. At the same time, the asana practice is the main place where people experience all the other dimensions of the practice. This unit will operate on two levels: you will deepen and refine your own practice while learning the most effective techniques to teach your future students.

Unit 2: functional anatomy + injury prevention

The study of functional anatomy focuses on yoga’s ability to manage the physical and mental stresses of modern life. You’ll learn techniques that are modern, logical and up-to-date, informed by Jason’s two decades of teaching and co-created with Dr Bryan Lau and Dr Paul Roache, both of whom are leading doctors of sports medicine and orthopaedics in the US. Jason’s approach to learning functional anatomy is accessible, down-to-earth and practical.

Unit 3: philosophical enquiry

Jason believes that at its core, yoga is the study of humanness and transcendence. Although this training takes a modern approach to asana practice, functional anatomy and teaching methodology, the philosophical enquiry is rooted in tradition. You’ll study the history, wisdom and philosophical paradigms that form the yoga tradition.

Unit 4: teaching methodology

The teaching team’s goal is to prepare you to be ready to begin teaching upon graduation. They focus heavily on the most critical elements of teaching: sequencing your classes, verbally cueing your classes, manually guiding your students, and being technically accurate in your description of postures, techniques and philosophy.

course structure

Full access to the online content on 1 May 2022.

Two six-day intensives at triyoga Camden on 1–6 July and 16–21 September.

Five 90-minute Zoom sessions with Jason Crandell between May and September, to practice together and ask questions. These will be recorded and shared with you afterwards. These sessions will run from 6.30pm- 8pm on the following dates:

  • Friday June 3rd
  • Friday July 8th
  • Friday July 29th
  • Friday August 26th
  • Friday September 16th

eligibility + pre-requisites

Jason requires all participants to have minimum of 18 months consistent yoga practice.

The course is suitable for:

– Yoga students seeking a foundational teacher training in vinyasa yoga, with a leading teacher trainer and his faculty

– Yoga teachers wanting to add a top-tier vinyasa training to their skills

– Students of every lineage who want more depth, skill and inspiration in their practice (even if you don’t want to become a teacher)

– Students who want to experience the best combination of in-person and online learning


After full completion of the programme, you receive a qualification certificate. This will also entitle you to become a Yoga Alliance 200-hour certified teacher.

additional information


The course fee is £3,200.

Please contact kit@triyoga.co.uk to discuss payment plan options.

Course fees are non-refundable, subject to terms + conditions.

scholarship places

In partnership with Jason, we’re delighted to offer two scholarship places for our BIPOC students at a 70% discount – please contact kit@triyoga.co.uk for more information. The deadline for applications is 1st March 2022.


Jason Crandell

Jason has taught on many teacher training faculties, leads trainings globally, and has been an in-demand teacher at US and international conferences for more than two decades. His method of incorporating the timeless tradition of self-enquiry with modern vinyasa yoga has made him a globally sought-after teacher. He was named “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga” by Yoga Journal, Read more at jasonyoga.com

Jasmin Bahia

Jasmin Bahia has 20 years of experience teaching a range of yoga styles including classical hatha yoga, vinyasa, restorative, and yoga nidra, always learning her craft from leaders in their field and trained with Jason Crandell in 2015. She has her own Nottingham studio, where she’s supported hundreds of teachers. Jasmin is also a chartered psychologist, clinical supervisor and has been a student of Zen for 15 years. Read more at  bahiayoga.com

Adam Hocke

Adam Hocke teaches precise, strong and compassionate yoga classes that blend contemporary understandings of movement and mindfulness with the traditions of yoga. His practical and joyful approach to embodiment supports the development of students and teachers across the world through teacher trainings, workshops, immersions and online classes. Adam’s teaching has been featured in press and podcasts including The Guardian, Huffington Post, Yogaland and more. He has trained with Jason since 2010. Read more at adamhocke.com

Adam Husler

Adam Husler offers creative, effective and clearly sequenced teachings that focus on balancing flexibility and strength, physically and mentally. He specialises in a signature style of alignment-based vinyasa, fuelled by a fascination with anatomy and a desire to ask ‘why?’. Adam studied with globally renowned teachers including Jason Crandell and Michael Stone.  He now leads workshops, trainings and festivals around the world, as well as teaching at triyoga and a robust online schedule. Read more at adamhusler.com

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