an introduction to anatomy

with Chris Swain

18 – 20 march 2019



The Anatomy Access Course offers a unique opportunity for both students and teachers alike to refresh their knowledge or learn anew about the anatomy of the human body in relation to the practice of yogasana.

It will be of especial use as a preparation for those taking the advanced teacher training course at triyoga, which assumes that a competent knowledge base is already in place. If you have already taken or are currently taking a teacher training, but wish to refresh and deepen your understanding of anatomy and physiology this immersion is also the course for you.
For those who have never studied anatomy, but have always been intrigued by the workings of the human body and yoga postures, it is an opportunity to open the door into a fascinating world of discovery.

course content

Over the 3 days we shall journey through the whole body starting from the feet and progressing to the head, in the process acquiring a thorough knowledge of all aspects of anatomy including:

  • Anatomical terminology including descriptions of movements – abduction, adduction etc
  • Skeletal anatomy – the bones
  • Joints – the makeup of synovial joints and how their structure / form relates to their function. We shall reflect on the    concept of ‘kinematic chains’ – how all the body parts connect and are interrelated within a wholistic paradigm
  • Myofascia – the network of muscles and fascia including the broad spectrum of connective tissue
  • Clarification and consideration of some common conditions including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, ligament, tendon and muscle injuries, knee meniscal and acetabular labral tears and strokes
  • An introduction to key physiological systems including the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems
  • Anatomical concepts including wholistic models, kinematic chains, the relationship of structure and function and mobility and stability, the challenges facing an upright posture within the field of gravity

Whilst topics will be presented in a lecture style, there will be an emphasis upon relating them to the practice of yoga with practical examples of applying the anatomy to the practice of asana. 3D models will be used to enhance the learning along with experiential practice, discussion with plenty of opportunity for questions and ongoing revision to help ensure that details are committed to memory.

course structure

Monday 18th to wednesday 20th march

10.30am – 1.00pm & 2.00pm – 5.00pm daily

learning outcomes

The anatomy access course will provide a solid foundation of anatomical knowledge, which can be directly applied to the practice, understanding and teaching of yoga. This helps to provide clarity and confidence with regard to giving teaching instructions; for example, clearly understanding the location of the lungs is fundamental to giving instructions related to patterns of breathing.  Understanding the body and how it works can further provide insights into helping one progress through some of the challenges of practice where one experiences restrictions and limitations and help to avoid unnecessary strains and injuries both for oneself and for students.

As in the construction of house, one builds on the solid foundations. By establishing a solid anatomical knowledge base one can increasingly apply it to the inquiry and dialogue of practicing yoga developing subtle insights and discoveries. Physical practice forms the basis of the yogic journey be it related to the first four ‘limbs’ of the Ashtanga formulation or the stages of Anamaya and Pranamaya Kosa with regard to the 5 Kosa.

additional information

Because of the intensive nature of the course there is strong encouragement for doing a certain amount of preparatory background reading to enhance the learning process, which will in turn make it more fulfilling and ultimately more enjoyable.  Extensive course notes shall be provided in advance accompanied by required texts.


required texts

The Concise Human Body Book – Steve Parker.  Pub Dorling Kindersley

The Concise Book of Human Muscles (Third Edition) – Chris Jarmey & John Starkey. Lotus Publishing


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dates: 18  – 20 march 2019
teachers: Chris Swain
cost: £275

course start: Mon 18 March 2019

course fee: £275


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Chris Swain