daoist flow yoga teacher training

31 May 2021 – 27 April 2022

230 contact hours

camden + online


We aim to teach our courses in person at the triyoga centres in London. However, contingency plans are in place to move the training fully online should external events, safety priorities, or social distancing require it.

A fully-accredited 230-hour teacher training with Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo-Deemer

The core of this yoga teacher training begins from the idea that everything is part of the whole, a belief found within both Yoga and Daoist traditions. From this starting point of interconnectedness, our practices will align us with this sense of wholeness. This opens us to discover our full potential and inherent wisdom, fluidity and ease within ourselves.

Mimi and Jean have been running teaching trainings together for eleven years at triyoga. They teach with dedication, humour and depth. Over the years, they have offered an effective platform for teachers to feel confident in their personal practice and professional teaching capacity so that by the end of their training, they are equipped to take their love of yoga into the world. In this Daoist Flow Teacher Training, they will offer their thorough approach and a supportive environment so that by the end, you will feel confident to teach authentically and in a way that can let students experience the profound transformation of yoga.

This training is open to those who wish to teach yoga but equally open to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and approach to mind-body movement.

Testimonial from previous student

‘I spent nearly two years researching to find the right yoga teacher training and then as if magic, the perfect one fell into my lap. I had already practiced a little with Mimi Kuo-Deemer in her yoga and qigong classes at triyoga, and instantly fell in love with her innovative combination of yoga, qigong and somatic practice. And then when I practiced with Jean Hall, my whole understanding of yoga, movement and breath turned upside down. Mimi and Jean have developed the most incredible training which promotes self-learning and curiosity – qualities that empower you to question. As the saying goes, ‘We are our greatest guides’;  Mimi and Jean gave me the confidence to believe this. And even though I started the course primarily for personal development, by the end I was in love with teaching and so inspired to share the fun and profound benefits of moving with others. Also trust me when I say this course is for everyone. Before practicing yoga, I had suffered from chronic back pain and injury, but Mimi and Jean design the practical classes in ways that ease you in and gently open up the body so that it’s ready to feel and move. They’re able to guide you to that sweet point of “effortless effort” or “flow”, where everything is working in sync, the mind is quiet, the breath is long and deep, and the movement is free. Thank you, Mimi & Jean, the amazing guest teachers, mentors and lovely assistants for all your hard work, generosity and passion to share. This training has truly been an awakening!’  – Katt Wright, Daoist Flow Intake 1 (2019 – 2020)

course content

This training is open to those who wish to teach yoga but equally open to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and approach to mind-body movement.

Key themes covered:

  • Principles of Energy + Alignment (intention, meridian theory, Chinese Five Element models)
  • Primary Movement Patterns (yield, expansion, return, spanda, foundation, etc)
  • Intention
  • Holding Space
  • Breath Awareness and Pranayama
  • Yogic, Buddhist + Daoist Philosophy
  • Yoga Vinyasa Flow Practice + Theory
  • Qigong Practice + Theory
  • Somatic Anatomy
  • Meditation + mindfulness
  • Methodologies of Teaching
  • The Art of Seeing
  • Demonstration
  • Injury Prevention
  • Restorative Vinyasa + Healing Practices
  • The Art of Assists + Adjusting
  • Sequencing – classes, 1:1, courses
  • Role of the Teacher – student teacher interaction
  • Voice + Chanting

course structure

The 230 hours training consists of 22 tuition days delivered through 5 modules over 12 months. These consist of 4x 5-day modules and 1x 3-day module, the first four being 5 full days running from Monday to Friday and the last running Monday to Wednesday.

Structured over 9 months with a three month mentorship period at the end, this immersive teacher training will include four modules (five consecutive days each) and one closing module (three consecutive days). Between modules trainees will meet in small groups, attend and observe classes, practice teaching, and complete a total of four short written assignments, two case studies and course reading.

The nature of this teacher training is based upon the understanding that we learn best from our personal experience. Therefore each module will be experiential and exploratory so that trainees can develop a felt understanding (somatic) and embodied knowledge of yoga, energy and meditation practices as well as the principles underlying them.

This approach will be integrated with practical teaching methodologies so that trainees can effective share this knowledge and emerge as skilled, articulate and embodied yoga teachers. Because we believe good teaching is based on openness, commitment, compassion and integrity, this training will NOT include assessments or marks.

Module One: Nature is our teacher: vinyasa yoga, somatics + qigong
Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021

Module Two: Movement patterns and Vinyasa Yoga: rediscovering our natural movement wisdom
Tuesday 31st August – Saturday 4th September 2021

Module Three: Vinyasa yoga + qigong: harmonising with the movement of energy and intention
Monday 29th November – Friday 3rd December 2021

Module Four: Fundamentals of teaching, creativity + sequencing
Monday 14th – Friday 18th February 2022

Module Five: Practicalities of teaching + what a deeper practice means
Monday 25th – Wednesday 27th April 2022

Modules 1-4: 9.00 – 17.15 daily
Module 5: 9:00 – 17:00 daily


Download in-depth module content

learning outcomes

On completion of the training, students will

  • Ability to teach safe, clear, creative and effective yoga classes informed by natural, universal movement patterns from somatics and the softness, energy and intention of qigong.
  • A deeper understanding and appreciation for yoga, somatics, qigong, movement, embodiment, creativity and passion for practice + teaching.
  • Knowledge of somatic anatomy and its relevance and application to yoga and movement.
  • Skills to communicate and share yoga as a healing and transformative practice in skillful, safe and authentic ways.
  • Confidence in your self-practice.
  • Confidence to be in the role of the teacher and support your students health, balance and wellbeing to the best of your ability.

eligibility + pre-requisites

We welcome people to apply from all social, ethnic, gender, age, and religious backgrounds.

Successful applicants will be required to have:

  • Two years of regular yoga practice
  • A general understanding of yogic philosophy
  • An openness and willingness to explore yoga experientially
  • A commitment to fulfilling the course requirements in respects to attending modules, completing homework and deepening their yoga, movement and meditation practice

If you are unsure of your eligibility to book onto the training, please email flavia@triyoga.co.uk.


There will be no final exam, but throughout the course modules, teaching practices and assignments there will be on-going assessment by the senior teachers and faculty member’s through observation and feedback. This will also extend into the mentorship period.

Trainees who fall behind in meeting the course requirements will be supported in catching up and improving in the areas which they may not feel confident in.

Deferral is considered a useful and viable option to enable trainees to graduate at a later date if necessary.

Certification will be determined based on completion of the required hours, full engagement and interaction with the course contents and a satisfactory level of completed assignments.

To successfully complete the training and gain accreditation students are required to:

  • Attend a minimum of 90 per cent of the course. If a student misses more than this, a catch-up session will be agreed with the assistants or tutors at an additional charge.
  • Complete practice hours with senior teachers
  • Complete all course assignments to a satisfactory standard
  • Attend all peer group study exchange meetings (skype attendance allowed)
  • Complete all mentorship requirements: observation and assisting hours with senior/approved teachers


On successful completion of the training, students will be able to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals at Associate – Level 1 level and with Yoga Alliance USA as a 200 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher).

additional information

A payment plan is available for this training consisting into four instalments for £750 (total of £3000) to be cleared by 31 May 2021. In order to take advantage of the payment plan, please email hello@triyoga.co.uk. Customer service will contact you to book you in and take payment over the phone.


student information form:

Download the student information form

After course enrolment, please complete this student information form and email it to flavia@triyoga.co.uk

Please also send a photo of yourself (headshot preferably – you don’t need to be doing a fancy yoga pose!) when you send the form to flavia@triyoga.co.uk

training faculty:

Jean HallMimi Kuo-Deemer – Senior course leaders and teachers of Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy, QiGong, Meditation, Embodied Anatomy

About Jean and Mimi:

Mimi and Jean are senior teachers at triyoga. They have been teaching together on the triyoga Level 1 teacher training diploma course since 2011. Together they have a combined experience of over 40 years of practising and teaching yoga, meditation and other movement arts such qigong and dance.  This training is the culmination of their cooperation, vision, passion and expertise.

About Jean:

Jean, as a life-long lover of creativity, movement and adventure, has spent much of her life practicing yoga, exploring bodywork disciplines and travelling. Having discovered yoga whilst training as a dancer it soon became an integral part of her life, developing alongside her career as a performer and also her own personal learning and exploration. In 1995 she qualified as a Iyengar yoga teacher and since then she has continued to study different forms of yoga and movement with many great teachers from many diverse backgrounds.

Jean is known for her unique creative sequencing that helps to draw students and teachers safely beyond limitations and closer to their true potential and confidence through a somatic approach to yoga, mindful breathing and meditation along with a touch of devotion and playfulness. She teaches in London and internationally as well as being a published author of yoga books which have been translated worldwide: Breathe; Yoga – Simple Steps; Astanga Yoga; Astanga Yoga and Meditation. www.yogajeannie.com

About Mimi:

Mimi has been a student of Yoga since 1995 and an avid lover of dance since 1978, when her mother put her in ballet school for walking with turned-in toes. Mimi teaches vinyasa yoga, qigong and mindfulness. She champions the balance of playfulness and precision as the best way forward in practice and in life, and never underestimates how sitting, breathing and conscious movement can provide the clearest perspective on the messy, complex and often unpredictable job of being human.

Mimi’s main teachers are Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi and Martin Aylward, who continually humble her with the idea that at the heart of Yoga and meditation lies the art of living, listening, and learning to embody a deeply spiritual tradition. She is a graduate of Stanford University and SOAS, where she received a distinction in her MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation. She has also authored three yoga and qigong DVDs/videos and published two books: Qigong and the Tai Chi Axis: Nourishing Practices for Body, Mind and Spirit, and Xiu Yang: Self-Cultivation for a Happier, Healthier and Balanced Life. In 2002, Mimi co-founded Yoga Yard, Beijing’s first and leading Yoga studio, which she co-directed for seven years before moving to the UK.  www.mkdeemer.com

Additional faculty members:

Somatic Anatomy – Aki Omori

Philosophy – Daniel Simpson

Voice + Chanting – Dan Breakwell

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31 May 2021 – 27 April 2022
camden + online

course start: Mon 31 May 2021

course fee: £ 3000 (payment plan available, see details under additional information)


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