what are reformer pilates classes?

Reformer classes take place entirely on the ‘signature’ Plates apparatus, the Reformer. Using spring resistance the Reformer repertoire of exercises involves lying down, sitting, kneeling and standing, and runs from basic to super-advanced.

length, capacity and prices

The Reformer Pilates classes are 55 minutes long and and have a maximum of 3 people.


  • Single Class Pass: £25 (valid for 3 months)*
  • 5 Class Pass: £120 (valid for 7 weeks)*
  • 10 Class Pass: £225 (valid for 14 weeks)*
  • 20 Class Pass: £420 (valid for 14 weeks)*

*All passes activate on first day of use

who is it for?

Reformer classes are ideal for you if you would like a strong, vigorous and mindful exercise routine. We begin with the foundation of awareness, breathing and centring, and work towards precision, co-ordination and stamina. Like a Mat class everyone is doing the same exercises at the same time and, as such, we do not recommend them for rehabilitation, pregnancy, or if you are taking up Pilates following your doctor’s recommendation.

The Reformer is designed to give us a workout. It gives us tactile feedback to help us with alignment.

The Reformer is the centerpiece of the original Pilates method. It has gone through decades of refinement until it reached the design known today.

In the original Pilates Gymnasium, the Reformer formed the heart and soul of the students’ self-guided practice. Wall-charts accompanied the students as they were building and progressing their practice. The Reformer was designed to be “readily understood” by its user, so that only minimal instruction and assistance by the studio staff were required.

The exercise sequence we share is an amalgamation of various orders that can be seen on original wall-charts and includes a few common exercises that were never documented but are commonly taught today.

Reformer classes are for students who have no pre-existing conditions or pregnant. It’s for students with fitness-related goals, such as getting stronger, more mobile and want a workout.

Our Reformers are the traditional design, and are very much your partner and teacher in the class instead of a ‘machine’. We draw on the original Pilates repertoire to warm up effectively and then to address your whole body – no joints or muscles are neglected!