faqs / barre


Barre classes at triyoga are suitable for all levels. Modifications and variations will be offered throughout the class to accommodate your needs. Our teachers give a high level of personal attention throughout, helping you reap the full benefits of your Barre experience.

We recommend starting off with two sessions per week. As fitness and flexibility develops, you can start to introduce more classes.

Classes may be booked up to seven days in advance. All classes are bookable online up to 10 minutes before the class start time. As there are only twelve spaces available in each class, we recommend booking in advance.

You may cancel a booking up to three hours before the start of the class, otherwise our late cancellation policy will apply.

Barre classes are active and energising, so you will get hot! Wear comfortable clothing which will allow you to move easily, such as leggings and a vest top. You may want to bring along a light jumper to wear during the warm down exercises at the end of the class.

You can take barre classes barefoot, or if you prefer you can wear special sticky socks designed especially for Barre – these are sold in the triyoga shop in Camden.

When it comes to food and digestion each individual is different and needs to find out what works for them. In general we do not recommend a eating a large meal within 2 hours of a class. If you must eat within 2 hours of a class then a light meal, snack or juice that is easily digested is best.

Yes, we have men’s and women’s changing rooms and showers at all our centres other than Covent Garden. Towels are available for £1 from our front desk; body wash and hair dryers are provided.

We have locker facilities at all centres other than Covent Garden. At peak times you may find all the lockers in use. If this is the case you are able to take valuables into the studio with you. Please place any valuables out of the way at the back of the studio and ensure all mobile devices are completely switched off.

From drop-ins and class passes, to unlimited options, there are a number of pricing options at triyoga. Find all you need to know about our prices here.

Don’t worry, you are not the only person to ask us this – it’s a much more common question than you might think.  ‘Barre’ rhymes with ‘car’. Simple. So now you know how to say it, we hope that we will see you at the barre very soon.

You can download the triyoga App for free at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The App will allow you to quickly view schedules and book classes for yoga, mat Pilates and barre classes at all of our centres on your mobile device. It will also allow you to purchase classes and passes, and receive news of special offers.