At triyoga we offer over 100 Vinyasa Flow classes a week across London, including intensive and warm Vinyasa Flow.

So whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student, we have a class for you.

we think you’ll love our vinyasa flow classes…

“Amazing vinyasa class on Friday…one of the best teachers I’ve experienced.”  Claire

“The yoga teacher who taught the vinyasa 1-2 class was honestly stunning! This was hands down the best yoga session I have ever had, and the only thing I’m upset about is that I don’t live in London, because I want to go to yoga at triyoga everyday!”  Karolina

LOVE the warm vinyasa flow classes…that’s the main reason I come.” Maria

“I like the fact that you offer plenty of vinyasa flow classes at suitable times, but what really gets me to come back is the quality of your teachers.” Xaviere


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At triyoga we have over 100 Vinyasa Flow classes every week, taught by excellent teachers in beautiful studios.  Click on your nearest centre below to view our full Vinyasa Flow schedule. 

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vinyasa flow faqs

What is Vinyasa Flow?

Vinyasa means “to place with special awareness and intention.” A popular form of modern yoga, the movement practised is continuous, smooth and unbroken. While class pace, style and intensity vary, emphasis is placed on harmonising the movements of the body and breath in creative sequences.

What is Intensive Vinyasa Flow?

This is a strong vinyasa practice that links unusual poses with synchronized breath in flowing sequences. Modifications and intensifications are offered to suit every student’s ability and sense of adventure. The class finishes with inversions. This is an advanced practice so please speak with the teacher before attending the class.

What is Warm Vinyasa Flow?

A Vinyasa flow class practised in a room heated with far infrared panels to 35 degrees.

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