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Free your inner voice and plug into your power with weekly and monthly kirtan sessions.

Kirtan FAQs

Q. Where and when can I attend a triyoga kirtan class?
triyoga offers evening kirtan classes with Nikki Slade in Camden, Chelsea and Ealing. Click below to see our current kirtan class schedule.

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We also offer monthly gatherings with kirtan London on the first Saturday of the month in Shoreditch.

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Q. What can I expect from a kirtan class?
Kirtan – call and response chanting – can seem a bit strange initially, but just like yoga, skydiving and falling in love, it’s one of those things you need to experience to truly understand what it does and how good it can feel.

Kirtan refers to chanting – one of the main practices of yoga. Chanting is a form of meditation that is joyful and fun. Classic Indian instruments, such as the harmonium and drum accompany the chant, while simple Sanskrit mantras are repeated in a call-and-response fashion, from the leader to the group, building in energy and tempo.

There’s no need to be shy as everyone’s voices blend together alongside the rhythm from the drums and the melody from the harmonium.

Many people find it challenging to sit and meditate, but with kirtan, the struggle of ‘turning off’ or ’emptying’ your mind melts away as you focus solely on the singing, sound, music and mantras. A sitting of the mind is an easy, welcome effect of this practice as well as a natural feeling of uplifting joy and inner peace.

Q. Who teaches kirtan classes at triyoga?
Nikki Slade is the UK’s #1 western style kirtan leader and a pioneering natural voice facilitator with over 25 years experience throughout the Americas, Australia and Europe. She has received excellent reviews for her one-to-one voice coaching in Vogue, Telegraph, Independent, Guardian and Daily Mail.

Q. How long is a kirtan class?
Classes are 1hr 15mins long.

Q. How much does a kirtan class cost?
You can attend any kirtan class with all of our class pricing options. View all pricing options here. If you’re new to triyoga we recommend: You can try an online class for free or receive 50% off the first month of an unlimited membership.

Q. Do I need to book in advance?
Booking in advance is required for all in-centre classes. For online classes, there is no limit to the number of students.

What are the benefits of chanting?

    It releases stress:
    • Chanting is an amazing way of relieving stress and pressure – mentally, emotionally and physically. It promotes inner peace and naturally helps us be more productive and creative in all areas of life.
    It cultivates connection:
    • Through chanting from the heart, we can begin to feel more open, receptive, energised and able to connect with ourselves and others. Ultimately, it opens the heart and an overwhelming connection to the universal power of love prevails.
It is empowering:
  • Chanting is empowering and strengthens our core voice, increasing confidence and self-expression. Many people who are anxious about public speaking or singing, or feel shy in social situations, say that chanting has improved their confidence and released their inhibitions.
It has a positive effect in daily life:
  • Chanting has a positive effect on our daily lives. We begin to experience inner freedom and greater energy, enthusiasm and zest for life.