from Jonathan: reopening our studios + account credits

Jonathan Sattin, founder of triyoga, shares the latest on reopening our five London centres following recent government announcements. 

Hello all,

It feels like The Grand National for all of us as we socially distance and jump one fence at a time to get to the finishing line – enough of the analogies. There’s quite a lot to update you on so please hold on to your horses.

As we prepare to welcome you back to our centres from 30th July, firstly I want to thank you for the feedback you’ve given us concerning our online classes and reopening. Dealing with post lockdown as we reopen there will be adjustments (not yet in yoga classes) such as reduced class sizes and some things will (thank God) remain the same and some will have changed generally we hope for the better.

There are three things that I want to talk with you about here:

The brand spanking new class schedule will be ready for all to see and book shortly – we will share full details as soon as we can next week. As we are being cautious (for safety reasons) the number of classes we are starting with will be just over half of our pre-COVID schedule. It’s the first part of a three-part plan for building the number of classes; we will add classes as we all start enjoying being in the studios once again and when you tell us (hopefully) you are ready for more and we can do so safely.

Social distancing reduces class capacity and we wanted to give you the opportunity to take those classes virtually. Almost all our scheduled classes will be available for live stream so you can take your favourite old, or new classes from wherever you like. We heard you when you said you liked online classes, particularly if you are geographically distant from our centres.

So, moving forward you will have three ways to practise with us: in-person at one of our studios, joining one of our studio classes via live stream or joining our existing online classes taught from teachers’ homes.

As we were planning all of this, we realised in order to give you flexibility to seamlessly practise both from home and in our studios we would need to create a new pricing system. There is no price increase and the system will now be based on credits, which can be used for whichever of the three ways you choose to practise. A studio class will cost 10 credits, live stream and online 5 credits. Meditation, kids and community classes will be 5 credits in the studio. Just to re-emphasise there are no price increases, this system has been created purely to give you more flexibility and will be launching shortly. 

This table explains what credits cost:


Now, if you’re a student who purchases class passes, we froze your existing class passes at the beginning of lockdown – these will now be converted to the new credit system. Don’t worry if you can’t see your outstanding passes on your account, they are there in the background and we will convert them for you. By way of example if you have 6 class passes left that will be converted to 60 credits.

If you are an unlimited member you will not need to worry about credits, you will continue to have unlimited access to all in-studio classes. In addition, you will also have the added benefit of being able to join any studio live-streamed class from home. As we are aware we have limited capacity, we will also be giving you three months of unlimited access to our online class schedule taught from teachers’ homes.

We will write to each of you individually very soon to summarise how these changes will affect your account, along with the exciting new schedules. 

I hope the new credit pricing approach will give you the flexibility and confidence to continue to enjoy being part of the triyoga community. We have listened to your feedback and we hope provided options to suit everyone.

I know I said at the beginning that there are three things I wanted to talk about but there is one more – keeping you safe when you come to triyoga. This is at the forefront of our minds and actions – from pre-bookings, to temperature checks, sanitisation, PPE, hygiene and clean air. You can read more on our attached health and safety guide. We are checking the latest data from the government and our experts to keep you safe. We will send you updates on our protocols over the next two weeks (from today – wow!)

We look forward to seeing you soon and in the meantime keep well,


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