teacher focus: Peter Walker – developmental baby massage training

Peter Walker is coming to triyoga Camden from 12th – 13th November 2018 to lead a two-day teacher training in developmental baby massage. Peter specialises in working one to one with mothers whose babies suffer from Developmental Delay and is widely respected and well-known as a teacher of Developmental Baby Massage.

Peter has developed his unique techniques employing massage and movement since the 1980s. This followed an extensive period of time studying Iyengar yoga and experiential anatomy with his friend and teacher Arthur Balaskas. During this time Peter also worked for some ten years under the supervision of psychiatrist and author R. D. Laing, introducing yoga and massage into a number of Dr Laing’s therapeutic communities and Turning Point (a support centre for alcoholism and drug addiction). From the mid-80s, he has taught baby massage and movement to mothers and babies, with some unique techniques for mothers with babies with developmental delay.

If you’re looking take the course but wanted to find out a little bit more about it first the below will provide you with more information.

Who is this course for?
Pre/post natal yoga teachers/nursery nurses/midwives/neo-natal nurses and nannies and all those who work or wish to work with mothers and babies for the first 1001 critical days (conception to two years of age)

Yoga is relevant to this course as throughout the course it’s shown how flexibility must precede strength in infant development. Children strengthen flexible bodies – therefore flexibility must come first and we look at ways of maintaining and improving flexibility as the child strengthens. Especially so with developmental delay.

What are the key take aways I will gain from this course?
Knowledge to teach one-to-one or in group settings plus a recognised teaching certificate from a well-respected international teacher. Certificate accredited by FEDANT (federation of antenatal education ) and IPTI (independent professional association for alternative therapists)

What will I learn as a student?
That childhood stays with us for life and the first 1001 critical days from conception (now a political cross party agreement) is the most formative period in a child’s development.

There are huge emotional, physical and intellectual advantages to getting it right at this time.

How will I benefit from this course?
You will be able to assist mother and child bonding and attachment and the attainment of motor milestones from birth to standing for all babies. Gain knowledge that will be of benefit to your own personal growth as well as the mothers and babies that you teach. You will gain a very special insight into this period of development and be able to show mothers/fathers ways of relieving birth and intrauterine trauma and assisting their child stand on their own two feet in a very unique way.

Who can attend the course? 
Pre/post natal yoga teachers/nursery nurses/midwives/neo-natal nannies, all those who work or wish to work with mothers and babies for the first 1001 critical days (conception to two years of age).

What drives you as a teacher?
As a supportive partner I have been present at the birth of my own children plus many more who have requested my attendance. I have seen first-hand the results of ‘baby massage’ and trauma relief from birth and both in the classes which I taught for some 15 years or more and on my skype clinic for developmental delay. I enjoy teaching a subject namely ‘baby massage’ that is so important to a mother and her child following birth. Baby massage has been practiced in many cultures throughout the world for generations. It’s benefits have withstood the tests of time.

What do you love about the course? 
The pre and postnatal period is a wonderful time to work with mothers, babies and families I have worked with many thousands of mothers and babies for the past forty years and I have some 25 thousand teachers the world over all my teachers personally taught by me.

I have a skype clinic for developmental delay and through this medium I work with mothers and babies from Singapore to America. I have many films showing the wonderful changes that these mothers have made to the lives of their children.

Join Peter Walker at triyoga Camden from the 15th – 16th June. To find out more and book, please click here.

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